Changes in Crime Patterns during the Pandemic

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During this unprecedented crisis, governments across the world are stepping up their efforts to combat the global spread of the corona-virus by adopting various measures to support public health systems, protect the economy and ensure public order and security. A significant number of these measures have a major impact on serious and organized crime.
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Winnipeg criminal defence law firm will give you some information about the changes in the criminal system during the pandemic.

Criminals quickly organized themselves to find opportunities to take advantage of the crisis by adjusting their work regimes.

High demand for certain goods, preservatives and pharmaceuticals;

Reduced mobility and flow of people within the EU and reduced entry of people into the EU;

Citizens are staying at home and increasingly working remotely, relying on digital solutions;

Restrictions in public life will make some criminal activities less visible and move them into a home or internal environment;

Winnipeg Criminal Defence Law Firm

Increased anxiety and fear that can make people fit for exploitation;

Reduced supply of certain illegal goods in the EU.

While many are working to combat this crisis and help the victims, there are also criminals who have quickly used the crisis for their actions. This is unacceptable. Such criminal activities during a public health crisis are particularly threatening and can pose real risks to human lives.
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That is why it is more important than ever to step up the fight against crime.


The number of cyber attacks on organizations and individuals is significant and is expected to increase. Criminals have used the COVID-19 crisis to conduct pandemic-related social engineering attacks to distribute various malware packages.

Criminals are likely to try to take advantage of the growing number of vector attacks, as more employers are initiating teleworking and enabling connections to their organizations ’systems.
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Fraudsters very quickly adapted known fraud schemes to exploit the fears and anxieties of victims during the crisis. This includes various types of custom versions of phone scams, delivery scams and so on.


Sales of counterfeit health and sanitary products as well as personal protective equipment and counterfeit pharmaceutical products have multiplied since the outbreak of the crisis. It is noted that law enforcement agencies around the world seized over 34,000 fake surgical masks between March 3 and 10.


Criminals have also adapted the way of stealing to take advantage of the current situation. This includes the well-known frauds of false representation, in which they pretend to be representatives of the government. Commercial spaces and medical facilities are expected to be increasingly targeted by organized burglaries.

Several countries have reported a similar way of working in which perpetrators present themselves as medical staff who bring information material or hygiene products or test for the corona virus and thus enter citizens’ homes.

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