Learn how dispute resolution lawyers can resolve your dispute without a trial

Learn how dispute resolution lawyers can resolve your dispute without a trial

No matter what phase of your life you are in, a situation may arise when you find yourself in a serious dispute and ask for help. However, this is not always a condition where you can resolve disagreements or disputes after the traces. They can be resolved out of court, even if the opposing party has filed a lawsuit against you. Yes, this is possible if you turn to lawyers for dispute resolution. These dispute resolution lawyers Melbourne are experts in resolving disputes out of court. They use alternative dispute resolution, also called ADR, which refers to several methods for resolving disputes without further action if you file a lawsuit.
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ADR methods can resolve any type of disagreement, be it divorce; disputes related to the owner/tenant, business and real estate, contractors, employer, finances, the inheritance of property and neighbors. The most familiar forms of ADR are negotiation, mediation, arbitration, and a neutral assessment.

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You can understand it this way:


Negotiations are very similar to what is practiced in everyday life. Individuals or individuals on both sides sit down with their lawyers and directly approach the agreement. In case none of the parties agree, this is another alternative method.


Mediation, as the name suggests, involves a mediator who resolves disagreements between both parties. Sitting together with the warring parties, the mediators are trying to reach an agreement that suits both of them. However, if no agreement is reached, the mediator has no right to decide the case.

Besides, the warring parties may seek other ways to resolve their conflict.


Arbitration is a method in which the main role is played by the arbiter, the person who considers the submissions presented by both parties. The submission may include documents and testimonies of witnesses related to the case. The decision of the arbitrator may be “binding” or “optional.” If the decision is binding, it cannot be appealed or challenged in court, the decision in another case is not binding, and you agree that the case may be referred to the court for further consideration.

Dispute resolution matters!

Dispute resolution clauses may also include clauses that require a dispute to be resolved through compulsory arbitration rather than a judicial system.
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In arbitration, a case is usually settled either by one arbitrator or by a panel of three arbitrators. Arbitrators are the most typical lawyers with experience in a particular field, or they may even be industry professionals who are not lawyers.

Several international companies are choosing litigation arbitration. If the parties to the current agreement agree to arbitration, the agreement shall be deemed to have entered into force. However, there are certain exceptions; It is very difficult to demand a decision made in arbitration through the judicial system.

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