Cohabitation between dogs and cats: To make the dream come true!

Dogs and Cats

You have just had a new cat or a new dog and you want Pitou and Minou to know how to live together well, that they become the best friends in the world? Here are some tips from feline behavior professionals to make the first meetings less stressful and more positive for your two fur balls!
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The perfect environment for your feline and canine!

Here, we don’t ask you to start renovations and excavations! Only a few small attentions, a few small gestures in order to change your environment in order to generate the least stress in your two animals … And therefore less stress in your home! You avoid fights, whining, yapping and peeing out of the litter (which is often generated by stress)!

Present your dog to your cat:

You can’t wait for your dog or cat to meet his new boyfriend! However, rushing things around, making presentations too quick risks triggering fear and aggression (and even predation!) Reactions on both sides!

Dogs and Cats

Is it time to leave them together?

So! Is it time to present the two animals for good and let them live together? No! Warning! The work is just beginning! Here’s how to get felines and canines to learn to tolerate themselves, and eventually love each other!

Manage fights between cats and dogs

We would like our animals to get along as well as possible in an affordable pet care friendly relationship, but living together with another individual (even of the same species!) Can generate conflicts! Here are some tips to prevent their occasional skirmishes from becoming hell every day!

How long does it take for cats and dogs to become best friends?

How long will it take? It depends on the two animals. Usually the owners want to go too fast and do not take the time necessary for each step which inevitably causes incidents. It is important to respect the speed of adaptation of each animal and to realize that any incident between the animals will greatly affect the relationship between them and will lengthen the adaptation period.

It is essential to take your time well. It is not uncommon to see 3 weeks pass before the animals can tolerate themselves and several months before seeing them cohabit harmoniously. In the meantime, enriching your cat’s environment and offering games of mental stimulation to your two animals will considerably reduce their stress; spend their extra energy, leaving you a little respite! A dog uses clearer signals to create itself understood by a whole pack or by humans. A cat can interpret this otherwise, knowing that its visual communication works fully otherwise. Whereas the dog shows kindness once its tail wiggles, the agitated tail of a cat indicates aggressiveness, even as once the latter takes the shape of a brush and makes its back spherical.

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A cat with its tail raised and raised upwards needs to seem as giant and as dangerous as possible: it reacts to a threat. Precisely like dogs, the gaze may be a sign of dominance. Cats bear it terribly badly. Associate in nursing inexperienced dog in inhabitancy with cats will quickly confuse these signs, neglect them or ignore them.