Your Guide To Dog’s Digestive System

Dog's Digestive System

A dog’s digestive system has multiple moving parts and that makes it doubly important to feed them high-quality, nutrient-dense foods.

The average dog owner assumes any type of food is good for their pet but that is rarely the case. It’s still important to choose food items that are well-prepared, packed with nutrients, and offer a good amount of value per bite.

Here are the details you have to account for when it comes to a dog’s digestive system and keeping it as healthy as possible.

Rapid GI Tract

It is the GI tract that does a good amount of the work in a dog’s digestive system.

According to modern research on dogs, their GI tracts tend to digest food at three times the rate of a human’s. This means the food gets through their system rapidly and the nutrients are processed rapidly.
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When you are trying to find good foods, you have to keep in mind how they are going to digest the food and how long it will take to get through the different parts of the system.

Dog’s Chew Vertically

food for dogs

A dog doesn’t chew like humans, which means they chew in an “up and down” motion. They aren’t capable of chewing horizontally, which means it is important to give them foods that are easy to dig into.

Dogs have a genetic predisposition to eating meat, which has to be ripped off of the bone in the wild. This means they need additional strength when it comes to biting down on the meat and tearing it off.

However, since they chew vertically, this also means they can’t break down foods as easily through “grinding” on them. This is why you have to account for this when feeding them.

Dog’s Can Handle Animal Fat Well

This is one of those common misconceptions people have and they continue to make decisions based on that concept. The myth involves assuming dogs can get cholesterol but that is not the case.

Dog’s have a different digestive approach to handling animal fats and can easily manage them over the long-term.
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This means their bodies are better prepared to eat meat and can take a lot more than human hearts.

You have to realise a dog’s heart and digestive system is not the same as a human’s. This means you have to go with a dog-friendly diet that is going to allow them to stay healthy at all times.

Final Thoughts 

A dog’s digestive system is intricate and has to be managed the right way.

A lot of dog owners make mistakes when it comes to their dog’s dietary intake, which can cause a boatload of health-related issues now and well into the future. As a result, you have to take action proactively and make sure they are eating the right way.

With the best wet dog food, it’s possible to regulate what they are eating and ensure their digestive system is functioning at 100 % year-round. It is these simple changes that go a long way in improving a dog’s health.

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