How To Measure A Horse For Fly Rugs

Fly Rugs

If your horse is medium built, it is ideal for planning one size larger than one lower unless your animal looks short. While selecting the rug, take note of the horse’s overall body structure, in case it is heavy built durable, you can go with the bigger size. Suppose the animal is short & thin, and then go for a smaller size rug. Follow these given points for taking the measurements of the horse to buy new fly rugs.

Trial run for the horse’s blanket

Once the purchase is made for those new fly rugs after measuring the horse, take the trial to check whether that would be the right measure. Avoid this blanket from getting dirty while fitment, thus, place a neatly washed sheet of cotton underneath.

Fly Rugs

Point 1 – Verify the frontal side of the blanket

This front portion with respect to the blanket must be fit roughly two to four inches before the ridge of the body to avoid any discomfort or getting soreness. Suppose it gets too body-hugging, his movement will get affected.

Point 2 – Verify the backside of the blanket

Verify the backside of this blanket and see if it suits proper. Suppose the fit isn’t proper and doesn’t go up to where the tail starts while the animal is bending down, which means the rug is short. Similarly, if these fly rugs hang over his tailpiece, it indicates that the rug is lengthy. In both cases, it gives discomfort for the animal resulting in the wound and even cold.

Point 3 – Test the harness and leash

There is a need for at least comfortable distance amidst his belly & leash. In case the strap is very short; it could rub against the belly, causing discomfort, whereas if the strap is way too tight, the horse may get entangled in it and cause some injury.

Point 4 – Verify the leg straps

There should be enough space between the horse’s thigh and the straps. The leg strap must be fastened around his leg and do the same for the second strap as well. It should be wrapped in a loop that looks like an infinity figure.

Pont 5 – Verify Leg Straps

While a few horse blankets have a leg strap instead of abnormal leash, it becomes critical to make this strap tight safely so that the blanket is unable to move even if he lies down or rolls in the windy condition; it won’t fly off.

In case you are looking for guidance, get in touch with us as we have a variety of fly rugs in our store as well as online.