Tips to Help You Maintain the Inventory of Reusable Bags for Your Business

Gone are the days when plastic bags had a stable place in all retail outlets globally. The ban in plastics has caused a surge in the popularity of reusable bags in many businesses. Though reusable bags are comparatively expensive than plastic bags, they are cost-efficient and highly beneficial to your business in the long run.

Perks of a good quality reusable bag:

Reusable bags serve as better alternatives to spread the word about your brand to a larger number of people. Unlike plastic bags, reusable bags are sturdy, way more functional, easy to carry, environment-friendly and can be reused for at least a year and is obviously loved by clients as long you provide them a well-designed and good quality bag.

Choose reputable wholesale bag manufacturers to ensure you receive good quality bags. If your customers aren’t happy with the bag, it is more likely to be tucked away in a spot and left forgotten which defeats its sole purpose of marketing.
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Create an inventory plan:

Start by deciding on the number of bags you’ll require. Make an educated guess by deciding on the count based on the number of bags you were using already. The other factors that influence the count are:

  • Are you going to be replacing all bags or just some?
  • Will you provide reusable bags only for people who make large purchases?
  • How will you urge people to start using reusable bags on a regular basis? Will you encourage them by providing discounts when they carry the same bag during their next purchase?
  • Are you planning to gift the reusable bags to clients once in a while? If so, how often?

Ordering too less would leave you with shortage and you’ll be forced to use other bags as substitutes until the next batch of bags arrive which won’t look professional.
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Ordering a surplus number would pose problems if there is change in the logo or slogan.

Choose your bags:

You’ll find a number of bag types online – cooler bags, wine bags, messenger bags, folding bags, non-woven bags, cotton bags etc. Choose a design depending on the type of your business. You can also choose a couple of colors when you are giving away those bags at trade shows. People like being given choices.

Track accurate numbers:

Keep track of accurate count of the number of bags you are using. It’s tricky to keep count of the bags though but there are chances to run out of bags even before you realize. Keep checking the count often and order another set of bags accordingly. Restocking at the right time frame is important.

Maintain the inventory to make sure you never run out of bags. Most wholesale reusable bag manufacturers do prompt deliveries, but customization could take time. Avoid last minute hassles and make timely bulk purchases.
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