How to Use Fastbase WebLeads with Google Analytics

Before jumping into the ‘How’ part of the blog, let’s understand What is Fastbase WebLeads?

Fastbase WebLeads

Fastbase WebLeads 6.0 is a SaaS solution extending Google analytics, offering B2B companies’ insights and intelligence on website visitors, their interaction, and online behaviors.

Conjoining Fastbase proprietary company database and web traffic from 1.2 million websites from leading companies and brands globally, Fastbase WebLeads reveals every website visitor to its customers.

Fastbase WebLeads continuously monitors and compiles this web traffic data from 10+ billion web visitors every month, depicting the search keywords/phrases and specific website visits.

In simple words, Google search lets you search for anything on the internet, and Fastbase WebLeads identifies the companies behind the search and reveals companies’ web traffic.

Google Analytics

There is no introduction required for Google Analytics. Almost every business website on the internet is being tracked on Google Analytics.

But did you know that there is a paid version of Google Analytics called the ‘Google Analytics 360’? I bet you didn’t know. The paid version runs into hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Calm yourself though and don’t let anxiety get the better of you – there is a solution to this. You need an add-on to your existing Google Analytics account. You need Fastbase WebLeads 6.0.

It gives you specific information on your website visitors right in your WebLeads dashboard. Ideal for B2B companies that target select companies to sell their products/services.

So, how do you make the most of Google Analytics with Fastbase WebLeads?

Prospect name and company

A prospect is searching on Google to find solutions for his/her business problems. Your website ranks for a few keywords, and they somehow land on your website and leave. Fastbase will display the visitor’s data.

Prospect email id

Along with the name of the company, you can find a list of contacts’ email ids that can be used for email outreach during your campaigns. You need not spend on gathering email ids or deploy resources; your sales team can instantly reach out to them.

LinkedIn – at the heart of B2B

When you are going all-in with your personalized campaigns, LinkedIn is a channel not to be missed out on. It is a strong network of B2B professionals, and a strong presence on LinkedIn can help build trust and credibility.

Fastbase provides you with the accurate LinkedIn profile of the prospect for you to be sure among the 100s of similar names, saving time and money.

LinkedIn outreach with a personalized message has higher chances of the prospect to interact with you. The sales cycle is shorter than a full email drip campaign – utilize efficiently.

Navigation through the pages

A prospect visits your website and checks out some web pages, e.g., they saw a solution page and then the ‘about us’ page. It tells us that the prospect is interested in that particular solution and then went on to the ‘about us’ page to check the leadership, company background, etc.

Your messaging to the prospect can be based on that particular solution and the credibility of the leadership team. Hence, your leadership team must be active on LinkedIn and have a credible profile. It tells us that there is an immediate opportunity here: Fastbase WebLeads updates the leads in real-time.

Export prospects list

You can periodically export the prospects list from the Fastbase Google Analytics dashboard to the CRM of your choice or a spreadsheet for further research and analysis. The marketing and Sales team might utilize the list to narrow down prospects and strategize outreach.

The more you know about your prospect, the better the sale. If you are looking for quality leads, Fastbase WebLeads is the place to go.

Fastbase WebLeads targets a growing market, both in terms of size and importance for the customers. Apart from tracking visitors from SEO or direct search, it also helps you generate qualified leads through Google AdWords.

It is known to reduce marketing costs significantly. It provides visitor info, intent, and online behavior to understand better and personalize marketing & sales campaigns, thereby reducing the sales cycle. Fastbase WebLeads continually enhances the quality of leads to provide you with the latest information available.

There’s a lot one can do with Fastbase WebLeads: the more you imagine your campaign, the better you can extract from Fastbase WebLeads. If you have a sales team, Fastbase WebLeads can accelerate the process to reach out to prospects immediately with all the info needed and zero effort.

You can try out Fastbase WebLeads 6.0 with your Google analytics password.

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