Here to stay!

          Those television commercial breaks which every person dreads so much due to the fact that they are seen as an interruption while the favorite program is going on has taken a new shape. This is for the better as you can pick and choose whether to accept the advertisements or not as it is getting customized. There are new and innovative methods that have come up to reach out to the audience all over the world within a few seconds and all at once which is an amazing technological feat. One such is the over the top advertising or OTT for short that has taken the most important place in the field of advertisements and looks like it is here to stay. The ott advertising has become the most preferred method of advertising so that it can reach many millions all over eth globe. They reach out through the unconventional media such as the internet, like the various websites, the audio visual media like you tube and other streaming services. This can not only reach through the personal computer but also on various other devices that are in use these days such as the smart phones, laptops, tablets and also the most favorite television.


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Direct reach:

  • The over the top mode of advertisement reaches the target audiences directly and there is no need for the middle men and this is a versatile method as well. There are several platforms on which you can make an impact and make the product publicity easily. The success can be measured here as you have the data of the all those devices that have received your advertisement. This has appealed to the younger audiences as well as the older audiences. This has targeted all the segments of the market in the funnel from top to the bottom. This reaches out to broader audiences, it is more powerful as it is fast, it can reach the smaller level to the larger level called as the micro and geo targeting of audiences. The subscriptions can be easily analyzed and this gives verifiable results on your hand. You can have a huge database of each and every move the audiences take right from the number of clicks, to the number of subscriptions to the percentage of video watched all of which you can have on hand easily through the ott advertising and this is becoming even more powerful and most sought after by the advertiser.

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