5 Keys to Unlock the Best International Flight Prices

If you want to satiate your wanderlust and go easy on your wallet too, you have to be smart about where you splurge. As costly as they are, there are ways to get international flight tickets for lesser. Mentioned in this post are five time-tested strategies that could help you save on international flight booking. Keep reading.

The world is getting smaller, and our dreams are getting bigger. Airlines are expanding their operations worldwide, and new airlines are launching their business in the international travel market to literally take you places. Whether you want to spend a romantic evening in Paris or shop in Bangkok, you should reserve the most of your travelling budget for things to do at your dream destination rather than spending it on flight fare.

However, as much as you would want to, flight tickets could still take away the major chunk of your travel budget. Hence, it is important to use strategies and tools that can help you save every penny when making your bookings. Here are five keys that can help you unlock the best prices on your flight bookings.

#Key1: Choosing the Right Day and the Right Time 

The day of the week, when you fly matters makes a difference in the pricing of the tickets. For instance, flight tickets may be costlier on Fridays, on weekends and on Mondays. Tickets also likely to cost more when there is a festival at the place of destination, because a lot of people may be flying in to attend it. Similarly, the time of flight may also determine its price. For instance, late-night flights may cost lesser than the morning or evening flights. 

#Key2 – Use Smart Internet Browsing Strategies 

Most people book their airline tickets online these days. Whether you search for flights on an airline website or a travel assistance portal, the sites save your data in the form of ‘internet cookies’.
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These cookies can be used to identify you if you repeatedly visit the same website and may hence show you inflated flight prices. A good strategy is to make each visit from a new browser or turn on the ‘private mode’ of the browser when you search for flights.

#Key3: Keep Track of Offers 

Trip planner portals and airline websites dole out a lot of discounts, cashback and pay-with-EMI offers from time to time. It is easy to keep track of them if you follow their social media pages and platforms. You should take advantage of these offers whenever possible. Although such offers come with fixed or limited choices of airlines and flight times, if they match your requirements, then they make for a good deal. 

#Key4: Make the Most of Air Mile Earning Portals

It is a good idea to keep earning air miles during your trips and take advantage of the plethora of benefits that accumulated air miles unlock for you. While booking international flight tickets a though a mile earning portal, consider a flight than makes one or more stops on the way rather than a direct one. Tickets for such journeys cost lesser. Take your time to compare across airlines, and flying times, and check if booking a roundtrip flight further reduces your cost. 

#Key5: Fly with a No-Frills Airline: If you are travelling light and the duration of the flight is short, then there is no harm going for an airline that offers the basic service of carrying you to the destination. Such airlines charge you extra for services such as in-flight meals, pillows, beddings, etc. Moreover, they usually come with lesser free baggage allowance. While the services are quite basic, they can help you save a considerable amount of money.

The global nature of businesses, diasporic nature of families and allure of exotic vacations have made a lot of us habitual flyers. This need for constant travelling and the variety of businesses that are trying to cater to it, have formed the perfect symbiotic relationship for travellers to get the best possible services at the best possible prices. As long as you plan ahead and research your options thoroughly, globe-trotting can be easily affordable.

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