A guide to towing mirrors and their importance for your vehicles

towing mirrors and their importance

Towing vehicles is a fun job, but only when you can see what you are tethered to. It is also a job that calls for great precision and responsibility. Towing trucks pull massive weight that can triple with the slightest bump. As everything happens behind your truck, having an excellent rearward vision is imperative.

For that reason, buying towing mirrors in Australia is greatly empowering for towing drivers. These mirrors extended much farther than the standard side-view mirror to enhance the backward vision.
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These are highly useful for gigantic trailers that carry colossal containers and other big things to keep a peripheral eye and constant monitoring during transit. Here we provide you with a comprehensive guide to pick the right towing mirror that suits your vehicle and the kind of work it does.

  • Types of towing mirrors

Towing mirrors facilitate the wider and deeper view of the backside against the restricted view provided by standard mirrors. Following are some popular types of towing mirrors.

  • Manual mirrors

Manual towing mirrors are the most basic model in this category. As these are manual in functioning, they do not have any wiring attached. You can easily install them yourself to your truck or car by simply removing the door panel and screwing them firmly to the bolts.

  • Power Mirrors

Power mirrors look quite similar to manual ones, but their functioning is different. They are powered with electronics and have a couple of wires hanging from their bottom. You need to take these wires through the door and connect them to the power mirror switch. Even with the wires involved, these mirrors are easy to install.

Power Mirrors

  • Extendable mirrors

Extendable mirrors are also called telescoping or telescopic mirrors. These mirrors amazing extend your rearward view by extending outwards. You can find these mirrors in all variations including manual, power, folding, turn signals, and more. The power version allows you to extend the mirror with just a button push. These big mirrors are a great upgrade to your truck that widens your vision remarkably.

  • Directional mirrors

Some people prefer fancier mirrors that also have directional signal lights on them. These lights are built into the plastic housing of the towing side mirror. For trucks that are not built with support for such mirrors, manufacturers provide extended wires that go up to the turn signal harness.

  • Clip-on towing mirrors

If you need to upgrade your vehicle for towing mirror with an inexpensive and zero effort option, clip-on towing mirrors are ideal for you. You can easily snap these mirrors on your standard factory mirrors to enhance your rearward vision. As these are just clipped-on, you will not find many features of the other bolt-on towing mirrors in them.

  • Why towing mirrors are important?

Towing mirrors are one of the greatest tools you can add to your truck or car. These mirrors enhance your back and sideward view and prevent accidents for safer drives. Following pointers make these mirrors exceptionally important for your vehicles.

  • Eliminate blind spots and makes turning vehicle with tethered or loaded weight safer and easier.
  • Anti-fog models have a heating function to provide clear vision even on rainy and snowy days.
  • Some models come with a camera on them for effective monitoring of the rear image that helps avoid collision while stopping.
  • Smart models provide greater control and a clear view of the rear side.
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