1.   Introduction

Only 2% of human population are blessed with natural green ice. Majority of the people in the world almost 90 to 95% how brown eyes. If they want to change their look they can cover there brown iris with green colored contact lenses. Here  are this green eye contacts ranging from turquoise green to golden green. The green eye contacts are light in weight, thin, breathable and moisture rich.
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2.   Things to be followed when using green contact lenses

                     i.            There are a list of green eye contacts which provide you The features like lightweight, breathable and thin

                   ii.            As their moisture rich they prevent the dryness of cornea this they prevent when the eye from irritation

                 iii.            As they are ultra thin one does not feel something is placed in their eyes

                 iv.            Before placing lenses the first and foremost thing to do is wash your hands with the soap solution and bright thoroughly

                   v.            After that they have to clean the lenses with the solution provided in the kit and also should check the shape of the lens whether it is normal

                 vi.            After that they can place the lens in their eyes

               vii.            They should be removed before going to bed and should we place in the case provided in that kit. never ever forgot to close that case cap.

             viii.            If there is any irritation or watering from the eyes it’s Better to visited Good doctor

                    ix.            Usually green colored contact lenses are used in stage performances, Halloween in etc.

                      x.            Anyone can use the contact lenses unless and until they are not affecting your eyes first stop they should be discarded after the expiry.

If all the above precautions are followed correctly then there are less chances of getting eye infections. Along with this it is better to take doctors prescription prayer to the pictures of lenses from many online website, beauty salons, drug stores etc

If all these precautions were kept in mind then one can use different varieties of color lenses according to their outfit.

3.   To sum up

Even though brown eyed people can wear green eye contact lenseseasily. One should make sure that all the above precautions maintain are less likely to get infected in the future.
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Never ever use them lenses after the expiry date even though they are good. If there is any irritation felt in the eyes it is better to visit and eye specialist.

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