Dodge RAM pickups have been available with Cummins engines as an option since 1989. They are a robust and dependable engine that will give you years of service. However, there is always room for improvement, just as there is no other engine on the market.


Installing the best Cold Air Intake for 5.9 Cummins is one of the most effective and low-cost ways to boost its performance. By preventing dangerous particulates from getting in the engine, cold air intakes improve filtration. They also supply cooler air to this combustion chamber, which enhances overall engine operation. Because they limit the amount of air flowing through them, stock air intakes are the most vulnerable link in an airflow series. When it comes to choosing a cold air intake system, you have a plethora of options. Here are our selections for the top six.
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What is the function of a cold air intake on a Cummins 5.9 engine?


Your 5.9 Cummins is most likely already aware that cold air intake improves engine performance. But the question is, how exactly?


The benefits of installing a Cold Air Intake for your 5.9 Cummins are as follows.


Boost the amount of power (Horsepower)


When you use a Cold Air Intake on your 5.9 Cummins engine, more oxygen is drawn to ensure proper combustion. This indicates that the fuel ignites appropriately, increasing your Cummins vehicle’s horsepower. Good combustion ensures that the air-fuel mixture is burned correctly, allowing your car to produce its maximum power.


Efficiencies in terms of fuel consumption


Better combustion will result from increasing the amount of air flowing into your engine. Because the vast majority of the gas is burned when your engine burns fuel efficiently, it reduces the likelihood of wastage. They can extract more energy from a smaller amount of power, making them highly cost-effective.


When you install a cold air intake, you will notice a significant reduction in fuel consumption.


Throttle Response Needs to Be Improved


When you step on the gas, your car will accelerate to full throttle without stuttering or slamming on the brakes. This is because there is enough air for combustion, and the vehicle can produce power immediately. The increased power is the result of increased airflow.
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Extend the engine’s life


When the air supply is efficient, more fuel is burned. As a result of the process, minor contaminant accumulates on the surface of your engine. This is what contributes to your 5.
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9 Cummins engine lasting longer.

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