Bashir Dawood: ultimate founder of dawlance premium home appliance

Do you know about Bashir Dawood? Are you familiar with all his work? Well, many of you know about him, but not all are completely familiar with all his works. Bashir Dawood is widely known as the founder of dawlance premium home appliance company. The company aimed to transform houses into homes throughout Pakistan in 1980.

Dawlance started its journey by manufacturing refrigerators and was massively appreciated by the customers. Moreover, the company expanded its business by manufacturing other things.

The company is popularly known and has become one of the largest home appliance companies throughout Pakistan.Keep reading to find out more interesting facts about how he worked in building the company.

How is the company well-known among the people?

Dawlance is widely reputed among its customers and is known as the market leader in home appliances in Pakistan and the Middle East.The company has 37 dedicated branches in the region plus 750 franchises in Pakistan itself. However, after 26 years of huge success, the company was sold to a Turkish household appliance manufacturer.

What are the different ranges of products a company offers?

The company gradually started to expand its business after succeeding. Different types of products were designed and manufactured. They manufacture products such as air conditioners, microwave ovens, washing machines, chest freezers, vertical freezers, and many more.

What are the principles on which the company works?

Basher Dawood has greatly contributed to establishing all the core values that are important for the business.

The dedicated team members are looking forward to turning the company into a global brand that is recognized by its people. The core value of the company is reliability and works constantly to fulfill all its missions.

Reliability is the most important factor and has an additional five other values, which include:

  • Communication- communication is the key to success, and for the smooth running of the company, it is essentially important that each member of the team must communicate in the right way.
  • Creativity- every individual is filled with creativity. The company works in a way that allows them to share their ideas and views. Creativity makes a significant contribution to a company’s success.
  • Respect for individuals- Respect is the most important value where each individual is treated with equal respect and no discrimination.
  • Openness and candor- The business is completely transparent, honest, and open to the people. It does not have any hidden motives and instead works for the benefit of the whole country.


Consider all of the preceding facts to learn more about Basher Dawood’s works and how he founded the Dawlance premium home appliance company.

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