Reducing the Cost of Installing a Solar Battery Bank

Adding a backup battery bank to your solar-powered system can be a great way to reduce your dependence on the grid. It allows you to keep energy on your home if the grid goes down and can help you save even more money by avoiding using the grid during peak hours when power costs more. But a solar battery bank isn’t cheap, and it can add several thousand dollars to the cost of building your solar system. What can you do to reduce the cost?

Keep reading to find out.

Remember Efficiency

When calculating your battery bank’s cost, it’s essential to look at more than just the upfront price tag. You need to consider just how much energy storage you’re going to get from those batteries, as well as how long those batteries are going to be working at optimum efficiency. The more efficient a battery is, the less energy it takes to maintain a charge. (All batteries will have some charge loss, but obviously, you want to minimize that as much as possible to get the most power per dollar.)

Another factor to consider is battery efficiency is the battery’s depth of discharge or DoD. The DoD tells you how much of the stored energy is usable without irreparably harming the battery’s lifespan. No battery can be discharged entirely without having adverse effects. But the more profound the discharge rating on a battery, the more usable power you’ll have from your battery. DoD is expressed as a percentage; the higher the percentage, the better the DoD.

While being aware of efficiency won’t reduce your battery bank’s upfront cost, it will ensure that you’re getting more power for your investment, thereby reducing your long-term costs.

Use the Federal Credit

Solar batteries qualify for the federal investment tax credit, just as the rest of your solar equipment does. So, whether you’re installing a whole solar system or just adding a battery bank to an existing system this year, make sure that you apply for the tax credit. This can reduce the cost of your equipment by over 20%.

Some local governments and even utility companies will also offer incentives for installing energy storage in your home. Do your research to help reduce the overhead expenses associated with installing solar energy storage.

Go Wholesale

Shopping around is vital for finding the best deal on equipment like this. Your best bet is to find a first-tier wholesale distributor for solar equipment. These providers sell reliable equipment from top name brands in the solar industry at the lowest possible prices. Carrying brands like Sol-Ark, SMA, Generac, and Outback Power, these wholesalers are the best way to get a great deal without sacrificing quality for your solar batteries.

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