How to Teach Online In India

Online courses are undoubtedly associated with “take it anywhere” and “adjunct-friendly”. That being said, you have the flexibility to start teaching online & understand if it works for you. If you’re unsure about being an educator, beginning with an online course is the way to go for you.

You would be able to take your work with you everywhere you go or leave it as & when it pleases. Similarly, your learners have the flexibility of logging in whenever they want. As long as you are able to find a boundary with your online teaching & life, you can easily eliminate working at odd hours.

How to Teach Online In India

In order to build a strong online program, you should do go with an online course platform which can make the whole online course process a smooth one.

A Good Learning Management System (LMS)

Online courses have become a cakewalk, thanks to LMS. LMS stands for learning management systems. It is created to provide online course creators with an easy to use & white-labelled platforms for course launch. They are the software application platforms which deliver educational technology content. The content that you could create courses online on the online platform includes videos, charts, slides, live tests, live classes, & other reading materials.

Students also find the LMS an easy to use & reliable system for online learning & discussion threads. In order to take quizzes, tests or assignments, online course platforms like Spayee goes a long way.

While building content for your online course platform, you must be taking advantage of all the things that the platform has to offer. Having a well-planned course creation process will reduce your mistakes, fumblings, as well as save a lot of your time.

Here are a few more reasons to prefer LMS over building your standalone  course website:

●     You get all the tech-related worry off your shoulder:

You need absolutely zero coding knowledge or experience in order to build your white-labelled online course platform. In order to fix a bug or some common technical issues, you won’t need to run behind your developers. The maintenance is 100% taken care of. Not just that, you can even launch your own online study app in order to build your online education business. Having your own app makes your course content super accessible for your learners. They can access online content from anywhere & anytime.

●     Discussion Forum

You get in-built online discussion forums & a public forum where your learners can come together under one umbrella. It’s a great thing to have a platform where learners can grow & learn together. Not just that, you can integrate multiple third-party tools as well to function properly.

●     Virtual Live Classes

With the emergence of online courses, online learning mostly consists of videos & online live classes. Our primary focus has been on interactive course content. You must launch an engaging online course material with online live classes that facilitate real-time discussions. This must take place at one place, on a high-quality, easy-to-use platform.

Live classes are highly useful as it gives students, the ability to:

  • Have a one on one two way discussion in real-time. It’s especially useful for doubt clearing sessions.
  • Bonding activity where learners can come & learn a subject together like a physical classroom setup

You can keep Live classes in smaller sizes in limited numbers for doubt clearing. Its easier to participate in fewer numbers. Alternatively, you can host a webinar of thousands of students using the in-built live class feature.

Either way, it’s important that you keep it personalised & use all the available features like live chat, private calls, video conferencing & polls.

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