3 Things Every YouTube Content Creator Needs to Know

Are you interested in becoming a YouTube content creator?

If so, prepare for some competition.

Some of the top YouTube creators have upwards of 20 million followers. Household names like Dude Perfect and PewDiePie have between 52.4 and 105 million subscribers. These are a few of the many individuals (there are also several groups) uploading video content to adoring fans waiting with bated breath.

Perhaps you simply want to vlog, and you don’t care about fame. Maybe you have an interesting insight or story to tell, and YouTube is your preferred method of expression. Regardless of your reason for making a YouTube channel, there are some things every creator should know.

Here they are.

1. Consistency Is a Key Factor in Getting Exposure

The goal, regardless of your channel’s purpose, is to reach an audience. To grow your audience, you’ll need to be consistent in your posting.

Why does a regular schedule posting matter?

  • It connects your viewers with you, showing you as an authority in your niche
  • You learn more about YouTube, editing, the algorithm, and the entire process (thanks to the adage “practice makes perfect”!)
  • Your audience can offer feedback that you can quickly implement if you see fit

Think of YouTube creators you enjoy watching. The chances are that near the end of their videos, you’ve heard something along the lines of, “See you next Wednesday! In the meantime, hit the ‘like’ button!” That also gives you anticipation to come back in a week.

Hook your audience the same way!

2. Creators May Want to Consider a Partner Program

YouTube’s Partner Program is made for its creators—but you can choose to opt-out if you’d like.

YouTube checks out your channel, making sure it’s advertiser-friendly. There are certain parameters and eligibility requirements to consider. If your channel “passes” the inspection, you’ll have the option to allow ads to get shown on your videos.

You can find more info here if you’d like a better glimpse into the program’s operations.

3. The Lowdown on Videos

You don’t want to hastily film a video on your smartphone, forgo the editing, and post it for the world to see. If you’ve waited this long to be a YouTube creator, your subscribers can wait just a little bit longer. When your videos contain true value, you’ll hook your viewers much more than a video with clearly minimal effort.

Content creation is about careful planning and strong execution. You may want to consider investing in equipment like a high-resolution camera, some type of audio capturing device (such as an external microphone), and even accessories like a tripod and lighting system. It all depends on the message you’re sending—is it more casual or more professional?

Once you’ve outlined your videos, maybe practiced a shot or two, and finally finished, spend your time on edits. Remove unhelpful pauses, awkward transitions, and so on. You may even want to add banners, stickers, audio, etc.

You’re Ready to Be a Content Creator!

Content creation involves a lot—but it’s doable. Keep in mind that this list only touches the surface of the things you’ll need to know as a YouTube content creator.

As you prepare to launch, continue watching other YouTubers. Make notes of things you like or dislike. Gather inspiration and hone your unique message.

If you provide genuine value, your subscribers are sure to love it!

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