What the GL Exam Offers To Students

GL Exams is the best exam body to visit as most of the 11 plus papers are concerned.  This organization can also be referred to as the National Education Foundation for Education Research (NEFR).  Granada Learning later acquired it in 2007. The University of Durham was responsible for writing the CEM paper. The institution equally prepared the tests for some selected schools, including state schools and independent schools. This examination aimed to make sure that some students do not have an undue advantage over some other students. As a result, some students claim that the tests are not reflective of what they are being taught.
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The 11 plus exam papers are also not difficult to understand at all.

Please continue reading to learn more about the GL Exams and how it affects you.

What it encompasses

The GL Exams are responsible for providing exams on various subjects: English, Mathematics, Verbal Reasoning, and Non-verbal reasoning.  Many grammar schools in the UK are already using this assessment for their students because of its standard. The GL exams make provision for these subjects at the 11 plus exam papers. Many UK schools use these subject combinations when they are testing their students to suit their education policies.  The exam format is such that the student will have to sit for each of them for 45 minutes duration.  However, the timing may vary in some instances. Also, there is a difference in the length of the test papers from one year to another.  The test is equally specific to the various subjects we mentioned above in the GL exams.

Exam format

It equally concerns individual subjects only with the GL Exams representing individual subject tests.  The exam takes specific formats also some of the formats are discussed below:

  • Standard format: The student sitting for the exam is expected to write down the answers in the spaces that are provided next to the question
  • Multiple choices: In this case, the student is expected to mark the answers to each question in an answer book provided separately.

The questions set for the student are mostly in multiple-choice formats. Be that as it may, mathematics and verbal questions follow a written answer scheme.  11 plus can offer 5 full-length GL Exams, and each of the exams is made up of four separate tests on various subjects like English, mathematics, verbal reasoning, and non-verbal reasoning.   It can successfully prepare the pupils for entrance examinations into grammar schools and independent schools.
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