Blind contact lenses for an amazing look

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The eyes are most important which makes us see the beautiful world around us. The colour of the eyes is really attractive. Do you want to scare anyone just for fun you can use the different types of eye contact lenses? Contact lenses are just thin lenses that can be placed directly on the eye’s surface. There are many varieties of contact lenses, white contacts are one of the peculiar lenses that give a strange and scary appearance on one’s face. It has been said that the eyes can be the gateway to one’s heart or soul.

Features of white contact lenses:

The white contacts are familiar with blind contact lenses. As they are best to give the blind appearance and still able see through them made them get the name as a blind eye. Wearing these kinds of contact lenses usually includes decorative ones but has to be used carefully to avoid damage to the eyes. They are used for giving the perfect final touch for the costuming, especially for inhuman characters.

There are different variations of these lenses that start from standard-sized to of the iris and other added color or even patterns to give the complete look to the one which is the scleral type of lenses which cover the entire eye surface.

Like most plain blind lenses they are made of by using a variety of different techniques which may sometimes use a mesh to have the limited vision and some of them provide the better coverage that would be best for the photography mainly for the close-up one.

Blind contact lenses

Sometimes they won’t be able to give complete vision as some type of white lenses cover the pupil including the iris which may hinder the sight to some extent.
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There is a need for the practice where one has to wear it frequently to get used to it and avoid discomfort after applying it. 

How long white contact lenses can be worn?

These lenses can be used for one day and even some lenses can be used for one year after it you start using them. The contact lens’s longevity depends on its brand. They vary from brand to brand. Some of the coloured contacts can be used for a long period.


This Halloween one can plan to let their eyes say more than their mouth and transform themselves to a completely new look with the different colour contact lenses especially the white contact lenses.

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