Is Your Silk Nightwear Real or Synthetic? Find Out Here!

Silk vs Satin Sleepwear - Know the Difference Here

Buying silk nightwear for the first time? You probably already have items added to your online shopping cart yet you are scared to check them out because you are not sure if it’s real silk. It is crucial that you know and are confident that you are purchasing real silk and not the synthetic version. So before you buy womens silk sleepwear, here are some tips that can help you differentiate the real from the fake ones even if you buy online.

Price Is A Giveaway

When searching for pajamas online, you will notice that high-quality silk, like mulberry, will always be pricier than cotton or linen. That is why when buying silk sleepwear, compare the prices from other stores. They usually sell for the same price range. If you find that the silk you added to your cart is way cheaper than it’s supposed to be, unless it’s on sale, then think twice about buying it or not. A cheaper price may mean it’s satin and not silk.

Real Silk Appearance

This may be difficult to tell if you are shopping online since you will have to see the fabric in person to inspect it. So before you buy them, take the time to read reviews and ratings. This way, you will have an idea of what other customers have to say about the silk sleepwear that you are about to purchase. Real silk has a shimmer like no other and has a softer feel compared to satin that is still shiny but stiffer.

Silk vs Satin Sleepwear - Know the Difference Here

Try the Ring Test

Check product reviews if the silk nightwear passed the ‘ring test.’ This is by far the best way to separate silk from its fake version. This is very easy to do. Just take a finger ring and pull the fabric away. With silk, it should smoothly glide through the ring. With other fabrics, it gets caught and does not slide easily.

Silk Reflects Light

In case you already received your silk sleepwear, then all you can do now is to test if it’s real or not. Real silk reflects light in different angles.
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When you place it under a light and move it around, it will give you a multicolored sheen. If this does not happen with the pajamas that you purchased, then there is a great chance that it’s made from artificial fabric like satin.

Silk sleepwear will always make you feel luxurious not only because it is pricier than other fabrics, but also because of the unique characteristics of the textile.
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There is no doubt that silk pajamas are worth every penny. It is such a great investment because silk can last for years, even for more than a decade with proper care and maintenance.