Brief introduction about beef and ribeye

Beef has many of the best parts to eat. Beef is delicious meat to be consumed and processed into various types of food.  One of the most delicious is using it as a steak menu.

 For those who like to eat steak, surely you know what part you often eat. Sirloin, tenderloin to ribeye singapore have become excellent and most popular.  Of the three parts, of course, there are characteristics of each, such as texture, taste to price.

Longissimus is the Ribeye Muscle is the main muscle in a ribeye steak is the dorsi longissimus, a long, soft muscle that runs from the hipbone to the shoulder blade. It’s gentle because it doesn’t exercise much.It is also the muscle where large amounts of intramuscular fat tend to accumulate.  This fat, also known as marbling, adds a lot of moisture and flavour to the steak. Oddly enough, one of my favourite things about the ribeye steak isn’t even the ribeye muscle. This is the piece of muscle at the top of the stick called the spinal dorsi, or ribeye cap.

The rib primal cut is located between the chuck shoulderand waist which is further back to the back leg.  And you can tell where a ribeye steak is coming from just by looking at it. If the ribeye eye is small, such as 3 to 4 inches, and surrounded by several small clumps of muscle, it is coming from the tip of the chuck.
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One of those clumps is that the cap, which I was just talking about, just won’t be crescent-shaped so far.  The other is complexus, and the other is multifidus.

Both the complexus and multifidus get smaller toward the back of the primal rib, and the complexus disappears before we get to the short waist.

On the other hand, if the ribeye muscle is larger, closer to 6 or 7 inches, with a crescent-shaped cap muscle at the top, the steak is coming from the centre or left end of the rib.

 Finally, there is the part of the ribeye steak called the lip, which is a long, roughly triangular strip of muscle that lies beneath the ribs.  Sometimes the lips are removed, but usually, they aren’t – especially since once they’re removed, there’s not much to use other than making ground beef.
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 There is technically a difference between a ribeye steak and a rib steak.  The differences are so small, and the exceptions to the rule so numerous, that the differences are meaningless.