Buy Organic and Conventional Dried Mulberries

Many people call mulberry fruit as “Turkish Superfruit” and we can completely approve it without any doubt. Dried white mulberry is one of the most nutritious fruit like other berries out there. They’re mainly rich in iron, vitamin C, fiber, calcium, resveratrol, and protein. Mulberry is a kind of herb and powdered leaves are mainly commonly used for the medicine purpose. This fruit can also be used in food, cooked or raw. Let us check out some important details about this wonder fruit and know where you can buy dried mulberry singapore.

Are Dried Mulberries Edible?

Mulberries must be eaten fresh when plucked from its plant. Ensure you do not eat greenish berries since they are raw – and have laxative effect. Suppose you wish to store the mulberries, you may refrigerate it for some days. Place it on the plate covered with paper towel and it is good to clear them before eating it to avoid any spoilage.

Sweet and tart flavor of this fruit makes it perfect ideal for jams, fruit tarts, jelly, pies, teas, or cordials. In some areas, flavors of mulberry varieties vary, however American mulberry & black mulberry are known to have powerful flavor & are sought after. Surprisingly, mulberry tree has got another vital resource, besides offering people with the delicious berries and its leaves. These mulberry leaves are an only known source for the silkworms.

The white mulberry must be eaten to treat diabetes. It can also be used for high cholesterol levels, blood pressure, common cold and other symptoms, joint and muscle pain like from arthritis, dizziness, constipation, ringing in ears, premature graying, and hair loss.

Advantages of Mulberries

  • It is known to be a superfood that have the delicious taste
  • Best source of protein
  • Very low in calories
  • Filled with antioxidants and Nutrients powerhouse
  • Has higher source of vitamins
  • Unlike other berries, they have Calcium Iron, Fiber, and other minerals such as magnesium, potassium, manganese
  • Resveratrol is good for healthy heart
  • It helps to promote healthy cardiovascular system & longevity
  • Maintains fresh and healthy skin, hair and nails
  • Lowers your risk of cancer

Whether these or any other compounds have got medicinal value must be subject of contention. Basically, there isn’t much evidence that will support use of the white mulberry for treating medical condition.  With this being said, there’s the evidence that the white mulberry extracts will help in treatment of metabolic or dental disorders.

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