Everything You Should Know About Bourbon Grains

Bourbon Grains

We can all agree that one of the most popular spirits in the US is bourbon. Of course, you can enjoy other beverages, including margaritas, sangrias, and Aperol Spritzes.

The main goal is to understand what bourbon is and how to mix it and use it with food and drinks?

The best way to explain to you everything about bourbon is by defining it as the US whiskey that comes from 51% of corn.
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Even though you can make it anywhere on US soil, most of them come from Kentucky.

It would be best if you learned more about Bourbon grains before you start making it by yourself.

Of course, aging plays an essential role in making a perfect bourbon. Therefore, you should get a new charred white oak to place it inside for aging. As soon as you combine a spirit with wood, numerous things will happen along the way.

It requires at least four years of aging to get it ready for drinking and sale.

Differences Between Other Whiskeys and Bourbon

Since it requires a charred oak barrel for aging, the bourbon comes with a different and specific flavor when it reaches maturity. That way, it is an entirely different taste compared with other whiskeys on the market.

Since it requires new barrels for each production, it takes the taste and flavor from the wood. Therefore, you will get caramel and vanilla as dominant flavors while consuming them.

Of course, you should combine these two tastes with a gentle smokiness from char, which will offer you the specific perspective you have not drunk anywhere else.

Similarly, as with any other drink, we can differentiate between bad and good tastes. Everything depends on external factors, which will also affect the price, among other things.

However, if you wish to get a perfect one for your needs, you should consider these factors:

  • Taste
  • Mouthfeel

It should have plenty of viscosity and weight that will coat your tongue. Finally, the best options will offer you an easy finish without burning sensations.

You should click here to learn more about this particular alcoholic beverage.

How to Choose a Bottle?

As soon as you enter a liquorstore, you may feel overwhelmed about which bourbon is the best for your needs. It would be best to consider getting the Kentucky Straight option, which is a standard that will offer you peace of mind.

When you see this label, you should know you are getting a safe product. They must pass specific regulations, including the aging years, mellowing, and other factors.

For a bottle to have this label on it, Kentucky should be its home state. Besides, it had to age at least four years or more. The label will state if the number is higher than four years.

Similarly, as mentioned above, it must age in charred white oak barrels without additives inside. Therefore, it should not feature vanilla extract or caramel coloring as cheap and fraudulent options.

It must come from fifty-one percent of corn, eighty-proof bottle, hundred and twenty-five proof barrel, and hundred and sixty proof distillation. We are talking about rigid standards this spiritmust undergo to someone call and sell it as bourbon.

Of course, you can find craft distillers in Kentucky that will offer you other aging times, which will be part of a bottle. For instance, if you consume Jefferson’s, you should know it comes with some red wine essences due to Cabernet barrels used for aging.

How to Pair It with Food?

Everything depends on your preferences, but you can easily pair it with different food. It is perfect for fireside cookouts because it matches perfectly with smoky meats.

However, you can also consume it with desserts, mainly due to the vanilla notes you will find in bourbon. Therefore, you will get a specific taste and enjoyment while eating attractive desserts such as pumpkin pie or crème brûlée.

The best way to learn how to drink it is by checking out this guide: https://www.wikihow.com/Drink-Bourbon for more information.

Best Bourbon Cocktails

The first thing you should remember, especially if you are a novice drinker, is toavoida neat one from the very start. It is like jumping in the water without knowing how to swim.
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Instead, it would help if you learned how to drink it at first by consuming small amounts.

Most people drinking bourbon in Kentucky are choosing a combination of it with Coke or ginger ale. Of course, we cannot provide you the wrong way of drinking it, but it is way better to combine it with soft drinks at first until you learn its effects.

On the other hand, if you enjoy consuming cocktails, you will get an option to understand how bourbon functions inside. The most prominent options use it as a base, such as the Old-Fashioned Mad Men option.

It is an excellent solution because it comes with sweetness, fruit flavor, and a little bit of everything, including a distinctive bourbon taste. You can also choose a classic Manhattan, which will offer you perfect enjoyment, among others.

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