Know the method of preparing fish varieties

Know the method of preparing fish varieties

You will get bored by eating food in the same routine way even thoughthey are your favourite foods. So preparing them different method will make you to taste better and you will eat that food without getting bored. Among such foods fish is the one with which you can prepare various types of varieties. The best part of cooking fish is you can blend them into any type of variety and each and every variety that you have prepared by using fish will be nice. Now we will know about the procedure of making chilli fish. As the name itself says the dish will be some what spicy when compared to the other varieties of fish. If you want to control the spiciness of the fish you can control but you won’t get that much taste that you are looking for. To prepare this variety of fish choosing the right variety of fish is more important. Selection of the fish will make your job half done. You need to select the fish that don’t having bones.
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Boneless fish is more preferable to prepare this food because this dish will be very soft and will be more delicious if you prepare this with right ingredients.

chilli fish

Ingredients that are required to prepare this dish.

  • Preparation of chilli fish is very easy when compared to the other varieties of fish and it can be done in very short time
  • Usually this is one of the variety that you will find in almost all hotels and restaurants. To prepare this you need to select the fresh fish.
  • Because fresh fish is more softer and tender to prepare which is most important thing that is required to prepare this.
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  • After selecting the fish you need to prepare all the masala that were required to prepare this. You can prepare this at your home or the ready made masala are now available in the market and you can make use of it.
  • It is better to prepare the masala at home so that you can avoid some things that won’t be liked by your family members.
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  • After preparing the masala you have to coat this to the fish so that the masala that was applied to the fish will change its texture and it gives more taste to the dish. The sauces that are used to prepare this one is also most important one and you have taste by pouring small quantities and you can stop if you get the taste that you wanted.