How to Select a Good Portable Camping Shower

How to Select a Good Portable Camping Shower

As consumers of today, you have various options to choose from for most of the things you buy, and today’s portable camping showers are no exception.
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While the term “outdoor shower” may seem to conjure up the image of a perforated can hanging from a tree branch, the products on the market today are efficient, portable, and provide a hot shower in seconds. There are various things to check when selecting from a wide range of available models: portability, performance, durability, and price. Putting the question of price aside for a moment, the best way to address the other three factors is to determine the type of campground you will be hosting.

The importance of choosing a portable camping shower

So let’s find out where a person will go and what he will do. Does your trip include a hike? Then the last thing you need to do is lug the propane tank behind your back. In this case, a solar portable camping shower will work for you. Solar showers are very lightweight, easy to use, and packaged in a neat little package. The main disadvantage of solar showers is that they depend on the sun as a source of heat, so you are out of luck on a cloudy day.

How to Select a Good Portable Camping Shower

If hiking is not on the agenda and instead will be hanging out with your family for a few days, cooking and cleaning baby dirt in the evenings, then it’s time to think about something more powerful. Water heaters without a propane tank can heat water in seconds, and many are equipped with battery-powered water pumps that deliver high water pressure. With hot water, you can wash the dishes and immediately douse the children with a hose.

Or maybe your next hike will include family and relatives, neighbors, and a few friends. With mountains of crockery and a long list for your afternoon shower, the obvious choice is a portable water heater that is a huge hit. It features an on / off shower head, a low-pressure regulator hose that connects to a 20lb propane cylinder, and has 1/2 in.
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Water fittings that easily connect to standard fittings. It delivers a whopping 1.5 gallons of hot water per minute and can last for about 18 hours in a 20 lb.


Camping showers have come a long way since the days of perforated cans and then choosing accordingly. Whether you opt for a simple solar-powered model or a powerful propane heater, your next camping adventure will be so much better knowing that there is a hot outdoor shower to come.

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