Know what is disinfection and how to disinfect

 Disinfection is the process of removing most or all of the pathogenic microorganisms except for bacterial spores on inanimate surfaces non-biological, such as clothing, floors, walls Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, CDC.   Disinfection is carried out on surfaces floors, walls, equipment, etc, rooms, clothing, and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).and to buy a variety of products f9r sanitization and disinfecting the room you can buy at as genuine and good products are available here in online.

Disinfection booths are now widely used in society to disinfect uncovered body surfaces, clothing and items used or carried by humans.  Based on information from the field, various kinds of disinfectant liquids used for this disinfection booth include diluted bleach (a solution of bleach/sodium hypochlorite), chlorine and the like, 70% ethanol, quaternary ammonium (such as benzalkonium chloride), hydrogen peroxide (H202) and so.  These disinfectants are disinfectants used to disinfect rooms and surfaces, such as floors, furniture, work equipment, bannisters or escalators, modes of transportation, and others.

According to WHO, spraying disinfectant on the body can be harmful to mucous membranes eg eyes, mouth, so that it has the potential to pose a risk to health and damage. Continuous exposure to disinfectants directly to the body can cause skin irritation and irritation of the respiratory tract.  In addition, the use of hypochlorite-type disinfectants at high concentrations can result in severe skin burns.

Transmission of COVID-19 can occur at home, public places and facilities, workplaces and recreation areas, so it is necessary to carry out transmission prevention activities such as: providing facilities for washing hands with soap/hand sanitiser, cleaning and disinfecting rooms and surfaces, implementing physical distancing, management of sanitation facilities that meet the requirements.

Spraying any room in the house with disinfectant is very important to kill every germ that lives there. The living room is usually used as the main room that must be kept clean, before spraying it with disinfectant make sure you use rubber gloves. When disinfecting the living room, don’t forget to treat soft surfaces such as pillows and upholstered furniture and hard surfaces.

 How to Disinfect Hard Surfaces in the Living Room

 Desks, light switches, doorknobs can all become contaminated with germs on your hands.  The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends hand washing.
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Spray disinfectant to disinfect surfaces and offer 24-hour protection from bacterial growth even after multiple touches. Spray the surface in the living room with a liquid disinfectant so it will stay wet for 5 minutes before air drying for the most protection.

If you can’t wait for the drying stage, and the surface needs to be cleaned and disinfected, spray and let it sit for 5 seconds before drying it with a cloth.

How to Disinfect Electronics

 Phones, remotes, laptops and keyboards hold on to every bacteria they can find and you probably also know that these things are easy to get contaminated with bacteria. You can use 70% alcohol to clean it, it will kill bacteria safely in just 10 minutes.
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