Melanotan; Just The Right Colour Complexion You Need

Melanin, a natural pigment of the body that is responsible for the darkening of the skin. The more the melanin, the darker the skin.
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The production of melanin is very less in some people, and hence they have a much lighter complexion. The urge to develop and gain a darker skin complexion leads some people to switch to tanning. But tanning leads to exposure to UV lights. Melanotan helps you to achieve just the right warmth and tan glow to the face and body. It has a long-lasting result than the natural tan. It is not time taking since you have to apply the cream to the skin, just like any other lotion.

Harmful effects of tanning –

  • Sunburn – sunburn leads to skin damage and cause redness, skin rash, inflammation and swelling of the skin. This leads to deterioration of the skin and blisters.
  • Skin cancer – this is a severe condition that can also prove to be fatal. Skin cancer is caused by the harmful radiation of the sun. Ultraviolet rays or UV rays are very harmful to the skin and lead to chronic, life-threatening diseases.
  • Eye damage – Direct exposure to the sun rays can harm the eyes. This is why we are asked to not look up directly to the sun.
  • Cataract – harmful UV rays can also lead to the appearance of cloudy areas in the eye and cause blurred vision, known as a cataract.

Why go for Melanotan?

No one would want to acquire these harmful effects just for the sake of skin tan. Therefore, to avoid giving an invitation to these diseases through excessive sun exposure, the best idea is to switch to melanotan.

Melanin is of three types –

  • Eumelanin – It is responsible for the darkest colour of the skin, hair and eyes. It causes mostly black and brown colour. Lesser eumelanin leads to blonde hair and a whiter or pale skin tone.
  • Pheomelanin – it is responsible for the pink tone and colour of the body, like the lips. It may cause a reddish tone in the hair with the presence of pheomelanin along with eumelanin Neuromelanin – this is responsible for the colour of the neurons.

With melanotan, You do not have to sit in the sun for hours.
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You can get the tan result whenever you want with easy application. It is not life-threatening like the damage caused by sun exposure. It is a much safer option.

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