Types and Uses of Incontinence Bed Pads

Incontinence Bed Pads

Urinary Incontinence is experienced by a significant number of the population of the world.
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Data suggests that a percentage between 9.9% and 36.1% is affected by it. Moreover, it is twice as prevalent among older women as it is among older men.

However, one can always have a good night’s sleep and easier cleanup with incontinence bed pads.

Bed pads are waterproof covers placed beneath the sheets to protect the mattress from mishaps during the night.

Read on to learn of their types and varied uses.

Disposable Bed Pads

Disposable bed pads are only used once. They are usually composed of a less durable fabric and are intended for when washing the bed pad between usages is not feasible.

Reusable Bed Pads

Reusable bed pads can be cleaned between uses and reused numerous times. Although reusable bed pads are more expensive at first, they save more money in the long term.

Bed Pads With Wings

Particular reusable bed pads also have wings. These “wings” are excess fabric on the bed pad’s sides that are tucked underneath the mattress.

This keeps the bed pad in place, offering peace of mind knowing it won’t move around under the covers. Incontinence Bed pads with wings are ideal for fidgety sleepers.

Alternate Uses of Bed Pads

In addition to helping people with incontinence problem, incontinence bed pads can also be used for several other things.

Car Seat Covers

There are rarely any dry towels left after a day at the pool or beach. When damp towels are placed on car seats, the chlorinated water or sea salt can discolour and deteriorate the leather for upholstery.

To prevent dampness, place a lined waterproof bed pad on the seats for a comfortable drive home.

Disposable Bed Pads

Pet Pee Accidents

When taking pets to the vet or daycare, they can become scared and anxious, which can lead to accidents in the car seats.

Waterproof bed pads are an excellent choice for preventing puppy pee in the car. Simply place a bed pad in the carrier or the backseat of their vehicle. This makes cleanup easier in the event of an accident and can help protect the leather seats from claw marks.

Protection for Furniture and Hardwood Flooring

If the refrigerator or freezer begins to leak, one may find themselves in a race against time to safeguard the floors. Reduce the damage caused by leaking appliances by spreading out a bed pad beneath the leak while calling for repairs.

Bed pads can also be used on furniture other than beds. Dining room chairs and sofas are ideal places to place bed mats in the event of an accident or spill.

Post-Surgery Covers

Nausea, vomiting, sweating, and incision discharge are all usual following a surgery. One can prepare for this by placing a sleeping pad on the bed or floor until completely healed.

It is unavoidable to develop a cold or the flu occasionally. Absorbent bed pads are comfortable and soft, and they can make unpleasant messes easily cleanable.

Final Words

Bed pads are of several kinds and worth investing in. They can be used as more than just incontinence bed pads.

Reusable bed pads are an excellent and cost-effective investment that anyone can make for any sort of emergency. It doesn’t only have to be for the elderly or infants. Moreover, having incontinence issues is no reason for someone not to live a comfortable, mess-free life.