Detecting High-Risk Brain Diseases in the Eye’s Of Patient’s

New research has been conducted on fatal brain infections. The researchers reported that you can detect the infection through eyes in mad cow diseases.

Researchers also said that findings are associated with preventing infection spread during the procedures related to the eyes and some surgeries. A brain infection that is harmful and found rare is Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease.

The diseases found in the corneas of patients who died when they got this disease. The infectious cells of this disease are named prions. Another latest study reported that prions tissues were found throughout the human eyes.

There is no proper diagnosis for people who are suffering from Creutzfeldt-Jakob. Currently, no cure is available for this disease. The diseases can be diagnosed when the patient diet through the examination of brain tissues.

The National Institute of Health has reported that Creutzfeldt-Jakob is a very rare disease and it affects one in a million people each year. The diseases appear in people having no risk factors most of the time.

There are some cases that are associated with the inherited genes in the case of this disease. The diseases transfer by tissue to tissue contact on the medical equipment which is contaminated. There are also chances of spreads of the diseases during some medical procedures.

It is believed that a version of Creutzfeldt-Jakob which is very rare has been transferred to humans who eat the meat of infected cows. The cows were infected with bovine spongiform encephalopathy commonly known as mad cow disease.

No evidence is found about the belief that diseases transfer through casual contact. The diseases do not transfer through the air, toilet seats, shared bedding, towels, and hairbrushes.

A new study has been conducted at the University of California-San Diego in the National Institute of Allergy in which medical doctors examined the eye tissues of people who died from Cruetzfeldt-Jakob. They have examined the eyes of eleven people.

Doctors looked at various eye parts including the retina, lens, and cornea. Doctors found the prison of Cruetzfeldt-Jakob in all the patients who died from this disease. This study is the first study that shows the diagnosis of infected cells throughout the human eye.

People may show the symptoms of the disease at an older age when they cross 60 years. Symptoms include vision issues, change in personality, and dementia. People may die in a year when symptoms become severe.

Natasha Herz is working as an Ophthalmologist and cornea expert. She said that safety regulations regarding medical are developed that are high standard.
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These safety regulations will help to prevent the infection spread.

The standards include sterilization of equipment, testing of blood donors and organs, and the use of protective clothing like masks and gloves. The aim of these standards is to protect the clinical staff, doctors, and patients.

Herz is confident about the latest standards of safety. She said that doctors should take the recent study as a wake-up call and they should make sure that they are giving attention to Cruetzfeldt-Jakob. Herz also said that safety experts should adjust the standards according to guidelines.

All medical doctors, eye doctors, and organ donor banks should follow these standards. Hertz also said that eye banks should pay special attention to this disease.
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She is doing corneal transplants in her medical practices.

Herz focused that patients should not take stress about the disease. The main point is that this disease exists rarely so it cannot be transferred from one patient to another easily.

She also said that the California study is making efforts to examine the tissues of the eye. They have now developed a test which is reliable to check the prions. Herz added that the California experts will perform well in screening the transplant tissues to cope with the disease.

The researches show that there is a need to do more research on this disease. Hertz also reported that there are various tissues that tell about a strong relationship between the brain and eye tissues which are associated through the nervous system.

New studies have also reported that people with the Cruetzfeldt-Jakob show the symptoms of this disease in their eyes. You can say that prions are infectious proteins that play a main role in causing this disease.

Another study showed that the eyes of the patients are windows to their brain. These windows help researchers to diagnose brain diseases at the early stages only if the new tests of the eyes are created.