Different types of women’s health check-up Singapore

Different types of women's health check-up Singapore

Expat mothers-to-be should not be concerned about their pregnancy in women’s health check up Singapore. Singapore’s medical treatment for pregnant women and their babies is clearly above average. Our handbook prepares you for this exciting time in your life while also providing general information. There is no shortage of skilled medical experts in Singapore seeking a gynecologist. Doctors provide cancer tests as well as sexual health or birth control advice. Abortion is also available at several clinics in Singapore.

Singapore every year for a routine health examination. A pap smear and manual checks for ovarian, cervical, and breast cancer are the most common tests. Further testing may be required in some circumstances, such as an ultrasound. Menstrual cycles, medical history or inherited health concerns, contraception, fertility, or sexually transmitted illnesses are all things that any professional gynecologist in Singapore would discuss with you.

Women between the ages of 50 and 70 also should visit their gynecologist in Singapore for yearly mammograms. If there is a family history of breast cancer, this annual screening might begin at a younger age or include extra checks, such as a vaginal ultrasound. Citizens or permanent residents in Singapore with public health insurance can pay for this surgery using their Medisave accounts, part of the Singapore system. All other female residents should constantly inquire about their financial services. 

Singapore Abortion

For so many women, learning that they are pregnant is among the happiest times in their lives. It might be a personal disaster for others. If you are considering terminating the pregnancy for any reason, they should be well-versed in the legalities of abortions in Singapore.

women's health check-up

 Counseling and Contraception

Having dependable birth control is preferable to having an abortion in Singapore. Fortunately, in Singapore, every gynecologist may prescribe basic contraception. Contraceptive pills, hormonal injections, intra-uterine devices, and diaphragms are available for birth control. Their ob/GYN can also prescribe emergency contraception, which is not available over the market. Again, check with your health insurance provider to see what charges they cover.
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Condoms are commonly accessible at Singapore’s drugstores, pharmacies, and convenience stores open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

Choosing the Best Gynecologist

The Women’s Clinic is a good place to start if you have basic inquiries concerning women’s health. If users don’t already have a gynecologist in Singapore, the Singapore Medical Council has an online search tool for all licensed specialists in the city-state.

 After all, you have to put your faith in them for slightly invasive operations and quite sensitive conversations. It is often helpful to ask female colleagues, acquaintances, or neighbors to suggest a gynecologist in Singapore. If you have comprehensive insurance and the gynecologist in Singapore appears too concerned or eager to do a battery of tests, you should seek a second opinion.

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