How Technology is Changing Medical Services

Medical Services

Since the end of WWII, we have developed technologically at an alarming rate, and the digital explosion gave birth to artificial intelligence, which will revolutionise the way we live. Machine learning offers so much potential and when Deep Mind’s AI computer, AlphaGo, beat the world Go champion by 4 games to 1, this signalled a new era. To create something that can learn to such an extent, it could come up with designs we could never hope to conceive and this can be utilised in the field of medicine.

MRI & CAT Scanners

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is a medical procedure with a very powerful magnet and radiofrequency waves to generate an image of the body. When such equipment is ready to be installed, the medical delivery from Rhenus High Tech would be carried out by approved technicians who are qualified to work with this type of equipment. A CAT scanner generates images from rotating X-Ray machines, which the computer then turns into an image; only highly qualified personnel can work with such delicate equipment.

Medical Services

Artificial Intelligence

There are already tech firms that are using AI to diagnose X-Ray images; they first fed 100,000 X-Ray images into the computer, which forms the basis of its knowledge, yet the more images it reads, the more accurate is the diagnosis. The machine has already surpassed human capabilities with regard to X-Ray diagnosis and it won’t be long before AI systems take over from the human doctor, who would likely oversee the process. Robots carry out complex brain surgery in some forward-looking hospitals and this will soon expand across the world, as the robots can work to such accuracy, far more than any human could. Some doctors at very large hospitals ride around on electric scooters to save time when going to other departments and those few minutes could be life-saving for someone.

Mobile Health Apps

We’ve all got a few of these on our smartphone, which help us to monitor aspects of our health and if you would like to browse the many health apps, go to Play Store, where you will find many that are free to use and a few that are on subscription.

Virtual Doctor Consultations

Thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic, GPs around the world offer virtual patient consultations, and in most cases, audio and video is enough for the doctor to make a diagnosis. Zoom is the VoIP application used to make real-time video calls and the application can be downloaded for free at Zoom’s website.

Remote Care

For some people who require minimal care, the use of VoIP technology allows the caregiver to interact with the patient and this is often all that is required. Mental health counselling is another sector that uses VoIP technology, so if you need someone to talk to, search online and you will find free online mental health counselling.

Technology is paving the way for exciting and innovative technology that will improve medical services in many ways.

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