What PPE Supplies Are Needed When Starting a Dental Practice?

In 2019, dentists had a median salary of $155,600. Not only does this job pay well, but it’ll always be in demand since everyone needs to take care of their oral health.

For the above reasons, it’s an excellent idea to become a dentist. You’ll set yourself up for a good future, after all!

Those of you who are starting out on this new career might be preparing for the future already. For example, you need to buy some PPE supplies so everyone stays safe and healthy.

If this is what you’re concerned about, then read on to find out exactly what you need to purchase for your new dental office.

Face Masks

Whether we’re in a pandemic or not, you should wear face masks when seeing patients. This helps prevent the spread of illnesses, and not just the coronavirus either. Face masks can also shield your face from splatters of saliva and/or blood, which can contain biohazards.
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In addition, you should consider getting NIOSH-certified disposable N95 filtering facepiece respirators. These can help prevent the transfer of aerosols, should you be afraid of catching COVID from your patients. It can help give your staff peace of mind too.


You and your assistants will be putting your hands in your patients’ mouths. Again, saliva and possibly blood are involved, depending on what procedure you’re doing.

Gloves will keep your hands clean and safe from any biohazards during appointments. Consider getting nitrile gloves instead of latex ones since they have a lower allergy rate. And never be afraid to stock up on these dental supplies, as you’ll be unable to see patients if you don’t have gloves.

Eye Shields

For more complicated procedures, you’ll want to add eye shields to the PPE list. This gives you and your staff extra protection in case of sprays or splatters. These should still be used after the pandemic’s over.


Some dental procedures can get messy, plus you’ll want a uniform look for your dental practice. Scrubs are a practical option since they’re readily available, affordable, and give your office a cohesive look.

You might also want to buy some smocks and gowns to use for more complicated procedures.

Make sure that you source all your PPE supplies from a reputable place, such as https://primodentalproducts.com/.

Sterilization Equipment

We’ve stressed the importance of PPE above, but you’ll also need dental cleaning tools. Sterilization is vital in keeping all your equipment germ-free, which can lower the chances of transmitting diseases and infections.

Dental practices usually opt for autoclaves, which use either dry heat or pressurized steam to clean whatever’s put inside.

Get These PPE Supplies for Your Dental Office

By knowing which PPE supplies to buy for your dental office, you’ll be fully prepared when you open your doors to patients. So order these in advance and you’ll have a smoother time running your practice.

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