Different Rugs and Different Qualities for You

Every time we are faced with a purchase or a change of rug, the same question arises: what measure of rug do we need?

And it is not the only doubt:

We will also have to choose the color, the type, the texture, and much more to get the perfect rug. Next, we offer you some simple tips to keep in mind so that your choice is the correct one and you are super satisfied with your new acquisition.

Before opting for a jute rugs model, we must take into account the use that we are going to give it or what we want to achieve with it. A rug designed to bring warmth to the children’s room is not the same as a purely decorative rug with which we intend to create a pleasant or chic atmosphere. Therefore, we are going first to determine the different functions that the rugs in your home can perform.

Rug functions

Create spaces:

If we have a single rug in a room, it is best if it is in the center and, of course, well centered. However, keep in mind that they are the perfect element to visually and quickly separate areas in ample space. Try to play with them and with the distribution of the furniture.

Enlarge rooms with rugs

Enlarge rooms:

Make this your maxim in life (at least with rugs): the bigger, the better. If you plan to change the rug in the living room, for example, the ideal situation is that all the legs of a piece of furniture are on the rug and, if this is not possible, at least the front legs should be. If the furniture is small, there is no excuse, the rug must be larger, and all the legs must be inside it.

Create spaces with rugs

A touch of distinction to your decoration: agree, with neutral tones and simple prints, you will not take risks. But rugs can add a touch of creativity if you choose a vivid pattern and go for color. Of course, keep in mind that the rug goes under a piece of furniture … So if most of the pattern (or the area you like the most) is going to end up covered, better choose another.

Types of rug

Maintenance and care: another point to consider is the use that we are going to give the rug and the care that it will require depending on the material in which it is made and its size. Large ones should be cleaned more or less once a year thoroughly to remove everything that a vacuum cleaner does not remove. The little ones, the more we shake and clean them, the better. By the way, so that it is worn equally by all areas, it is advisable to change the orientation on a regular basis.

Choosing the perfect rug model

There are two fundamental things that we must bear in mind when deciding on a rug for our home:

The color

Light tones bring more light and widen the space, which is why rugs in these tones are ideal for mini floors. If, on the other hand, you are lucky enough to have large rooms, go for dark rugs. They will help you warm up space. Natural fiber rugs without dyes are also a safe bet if your home is more bohemian or natural in style.

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