Importance of cleaning your mattress

Importance of cleaning your mattress

Cleaning and disinfection processes in and around the house are some of the most important in maintaining the hygiene of the members of the house.

Disinfection processes vary for different household items. One of the hardest items to disinfect is the mattresswhich it might seem does not need regular cleaning. For most, the mattress only gets cleaned if anything gets spilled on it, but much more frequent disinfection is necessary.
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Dust, mites, dead skin, sweat, and residue from children or pets infest the mattress even when mattress pads are used. Although it is very hard to remove mattress stains, regular cleaning is necessary not only for removing stains but also to disinfect them. Benefits of cleaning a mattress regularly include:

Even when the bedding is changed regularly or when anti-dust mite cover is used, mattresses contain dirt particles and dust mites. Cleaning mattresses removes dirt, dust, and skin cells from the mattress.

1.       Improved indoor air quality

Air quality in the bedroom has a significant impact on the health and hygiene of individuals because on average, 8 hours a day is spent sleeping. This means that an individual spends 1/3rd of their life in their bedroom. When in bed, slight movement can release fine dust particles which can be inhaled and this can lead to respiratory problems. Dust particles released in the air can lead to very poor indoor air quality. These dust particles can cause throat and eye irritation, respiratory congestion, sneezing, fatigue, and watering eyes.

cleaning your mattress

2.       Reduction of allergies

House dust mites are the major cause of many allergy issues including eczema, rhinitis, and asthma. These dust mites are most likely to collect in mattresses and irregular cleaning of mattresses increase the risk of such problems. Doctors recommend their allergic patients to clean their mattresses regularly. These patients often report severe allergy attacks during sleep.
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Cleaning mattresses regularly reduces exposure to allergens that trigger allergic reactions.

3.       Easier and more peaceful sleep

Frequent disinfection and cleaning of mattresses promise peace of mind. When you know your bed does not support tonnes of dust particles, skin cells, and dust mites, you can sleep much easier and peacefully. A peaceful, quality sleep, in turn, guarantees good mental health and emotional wellbeing.

How to clean mattresses

It is not recommended to Clean with solution that is too harsh, like ammonia or bleach, on mattresses because they can harm the mattress foam. You can, instead, clean mattresses using fabric cleaners with vinegar and water, and spray the mixture on the mattress directly. When spraying using this solution, you need to avoid making the bed too wet because it can lead to mould and mildew formation. To clean stains, you can scrub the dirty spots with a clean cloth. Another very effective and easy method to clean mattresses is steam cleaning. A handheld steamer is all you need. Such steamers are used to steam garments as well, so they will be easily available. Short and sharp steam bursts are ideal for disinfecting mattresses. You can get a complete guide on the disinfection of mattresseshere

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