Various Types of Vanity Units to Pick From

anity Units to Pick From

Vanity units are a great addition to your bathrooms. This furniture is usually a basin and storage space in one. There are Single Vanities UK sold online while there are others that are perfect for larger bathrooms. No matter what your preference is, remember that these vanity units are categorized depending on their design and style. So if you are not sure which ones to choose, then you have come to the right place.

Freestanding Vanity Units

The most common vanity units these days, both for traditional and modern bathrooms, are freestanding or standalone furniture. This is one of the most preferred by many homeowners because it can easily be designed to be the centerpiece of your bathroom. For example, you can position it below your wall-mounted mirror.

Wall Mounted Vanity Units

Another popular choice for vanity units is the wall-mounted ones. You get to have a vanity unit but still have space between the floor and the furniture. This is a preferred option by many homeowners because of aesthetic considerations. Some are used to hide the plumbing while others use it as storage units for cleaning products.

Single Vanities UK

Corner Vanity Units

Do you have limited space for a vanity unit? Then why not install it in the corner of your bathroom? Corner vanity units are becoming a popular option for many homeowners, especially for those with small spaces. These vanity units are specifically designed to fit the tiny corner of any bathroom.

2-in-1 Vanity Units (Vanity  + Basin)

This is another popular vanity unit that you can consider for your bathroom. This 2-in-1 category is perfect for those who are looking for a vanity unit with a basin on top. This is currently the most sought-after design even in hotels and high-end establishments.

Buy Vanity Units Online

At ‘Bathrooms & More Store’ you can pick the right vanity unit for your bathroom. From corner vanity, cloakroom vanity, single vanity, double vanity, and more. They also have other home furniture that you might need. Bathroom And More has over a decade of experience in this business. This simply means that they know exactly what their customers need. That is why if you are in need of vanity units, there’s no need to look further because, at Bathroom & More Store, you can find here all your bathroom furniture needs.

There are now plenty of vanity units that you can pick from online. Stores like ‘Bathrooms and More’ have a good variety of options when it comes to vanity closets. So choose from the ones recommended above. But you have to make sure that you have consulted with your trusted qualified plumber. This way, you are sure that the vanity unit is properly installed and you have the right one for your bathroom.

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