What insurance do ex-pats need?

What insurance do ex-pats need?

Longer foreign stays are in a globalized world for more and more people everyday occurrences. There are many reasons for this: Young people decide on a work & travel year before studying or starting their careers, exchange students and visiting researchers work for a long time at foreign universities or research institutions. Others work abroad for longer periods, have a second residence there, or are travelling as digital nomads in various places.

All these groups have in common is that they also abroad one -protection insurance reliable need. Normal travel insurance in singapore for expats policies aimed at tourists do not apply to ex-pats as they are designed for limited stays abroad. However, even ex-pats do not have to and should not do without risk protection from high-performance insurance. The insurance companies have special offers in their program for both ex-pats and foreign guests who go to a few places for a longer period. The extent to which ex-pats want their insurance coverage abroad is up to them. By far the most important insurance here is health insurance who pays for all medically necessary treatment costs abroad.

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Most long-term international health insurance for ex-pats offered by many countries insurance companies has terms of between one and five years. During this period, ex-pats can freely choose their insurance period. An extension of the insurance cover for a maximum of five years is also possible. The long-term international health insurance for ex-pats must be taken out before the start of the trip. Almost all insurance companies do not provide a conclusion from abroad. The extension of an existing contract is also possible from abroad and does not necessarily have to be combined with a trip home.

Tourism-oriented foreign insurance ill- offer their insurance coverage usually for a period of up to eight to ten weeks. Depending on the provider and tariff, shorter insurance periods are also possible for individual trips. If you want to be on the road longer, you, therefore, need long-term international health insurance. The policies are not only offered for ex-pats who have been abroad for at least one year, but also with shorter terms.

In general, the insurance coverage by the long-term insurance as compared to short-term health insurance for foreign countries an expanded insurance coverage provides, not only emergency treatment but includes all medically necessary inpatient and outpatient therapies. In addition, ex-pats can here between staggered performance packages to choose. Foreign ex-pats in many countries have the same options for taking out long-term health insurance abroad.

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