Among the advantages of having a modular or fitted kitchen , it is good to consider


Ergonomics : having several modules available to fill the spaces, it presupposes that you can choose the right relationship between you and the space at your disposal, facilitating the gestures and actions that you will perform daily in the kitchen. Pay attention to the configuration of the worktops and avoid dangers: place the position and height of the stove, sink, countertop and appliances as you like for an optimal structure commissary kitchen.

Customization : do you need two dressers and a sideboard or the reverse? Do you want two columns with two ventilated ovens instead of the classic one which has only one? Do you need pull-out shelves or folding doors? The furniture is designed to contain everyday utensils, organize the space to your liking and choose a functional and practical solution food technology.

Optimization : modular kitchens are composed of several elements and each of them is an independent and finished piece of furniture, in this way, each piece can be positioned by combining it with one, or many others, as desired. This style of kitchen is particularly suitable for those who have little space available and want to optimize it in an economical way, compared to buying a custom-made kitchen. Furthermore, it is much easier in this way to find replacement parts when looking for spare parts or just want to change the look of the furniture.


The cleaning

One of the advantages of going to a restaurant is undoubtedly the possibility of tasting complex dishes without having to clean up all the utensils used to prepare them. Even the cleaning phase in a smart kitchen can be simplified and optimized. There are now on the market intelligent dishwashers that are increasingly delicate and precise with plates, glasses and pots. Controllable via voice or remotely an app on a smartphone, they are highly performing but with low energy consumption. Without forgetting the taps. Water waste is unfortunately a habit and a smart tap can help reduce it by limiting the flow of water and opening and closing it if necessary.
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But it can also respond to voice commands by dispensing the desired amount of water at the required temperature. In the case of recipes that require different preparations, a smart speaker may be useful , which remembers times and actions to be performed by interacting with the user or directly with the appliances. But also a voice-controlled lighting system , which can be managed even with dirty hands and without interrupting the activity in progress. Finally, to avoid dangerous inconveniences, in a smart kitchen it is wise to have smoke detectors in case of appliance malfunctions.
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Of course, these are smart detectors, which send notifications to your smartphone as soon as they register an anomaly.

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