Types of dark cuisine


The dark kitchen business is well established and has a clear goal in its operation .

These types are as follows:

Managed by delivery companies

Ideal for those who have an idea, but don’t have the resources to open a short-term business. For this model to work, pre-existing spaces are rented out to emerging restaurants that need a place to develop their reputation as a brand.

By signing a contract with home delivery companies for the use of the kitchen, restaurants also have the exclusive right for delivery services. These ghost kitchens are found in the most accessible places in cities. Therefore, the delivery people easily collect orders and make more deliveries throughout the day delivery only kitchen.


In this case, we have already reached the brands or cooks who have the resources to create an independent business. Dark kitchens can be found offering different gastronomic offerings, established by the chef.


You can also find kitchens that belong to an established brand, but that offer a different and special menu for the mobile applications in which they are found. In this way, they differentiate the menu of their face-to-face service from that offered through the Internet food delivery kitchen.

Ghost restaurant kitchen

The third type of dark cuisine is that found in an established restaurant. In this case, restaurants offer their dishes through delivery applications.
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Dark kitchen or delivery revolution

With the take-away boom and the health crisis we are experiencing, we could be facing a delivery revolution . Unsurprisingly, many restaurants are considering this option when they close their shops due to the alert state. Whether because you are in this situation or because you see an interesting business opportunity in a dark kitchen , do not miss the next posts to find out how to set up a ghost restaurant. From convivial encounters through food to the boom of ghost kitchens, kitchens in which dishes are prepared to be delivered at home : the world of social eating and therefore of the home restaurant crosses food delivery and evolves, a further declination of a sector, that catering, in full turmoil accelerated by technology and by the contingency of the crisis due to the pandemic. The social eating is a branch of the sharing economy: combines technology and culinary culture of conviviality prospects opening up new and unthinkable before the advent of the web. Starting from the assumption that food has always been synonymous with conviviality, thanks to technology, the simple preparation of a meal can become a unique opportunity to meet and share, but also to make money for the event organizer, thus realizing all the conditions for sharing. economy.

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