Feeding tips for cats and diet of cat

Feeding tips for cats and diet of cat

Everyone thinks that cats can eat whatever a human can eat but that’s true. Just like humans and cars also need proper diet or else they end up losing weight and become ill. There are many varieties of food available here at https://www.petstock.com.au/cat.

Wet food and dry food

Wet foods can be given to cats as they are good for them but they should not be given more, only little amounts should be given. Whereas dry food can also be given and dry food can be given in more quantity comparatively.

An ideal and good diet

 Cats when given proper good diet food times a day makes the cat super healthy and strong. But there are many types of foods in the market, one has to choose foods

according to the breed of the cat and weight of it and age of it.



Overfeeding is not good for anyone and not even a cat. There are certain recommendations regarding how much to feed what to feed accordingly only you should feed by consulting a doctor. If you feed on your own you may land up with a pet doctor often and your cat may even become unhealthy and serious health problems may come.
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If everything is fine and still the cat is getting overweight

Then check whether the cat is eating any extra food other than what you are feeding. Or whether it is peeping into other houses for food and daily it is eating.
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Or else take the car to the doctor and take advice from the doctor.

If your cat is not eating remember these points

Changes in food

If you change any timetable and chart of food for your cat, it may stop eating so it is always advisable to introduce new foods slowly and only in small amounts daily. Which makes the cat eat the new food and food accepts it. So that you can replace its food happily without having trouble.


Anxiety and stress can make m remain quiet and inactive and even they don’t eat anything. So if your cat is quiet and found all these, see to it whether any changes have been done around the cat’s place as it may be the reason. Try to make the cat calm and relaxed and happy and feed the cat slowly and within a few days, it sets to the embodiments and gets relaxed. Even some products are available in the market for making cats stress free and happy.

If the cat not eating

If your cat is not eating with interest, there may be a problem with the cat eating so it’s better to show up to the doctor. If any issue is there with his teeth or system they will tell you and guide you about what to do.

Do cats eat the food of humans

No, they can’t eat what humans consume. The cats have a special diet. In humans, food has lots of calories and fat content. Cats can’t digest it and it causes indigestion in cats and sometimes it gains overweight and both are not good for cats.