Why should you become a bird owner?

Why should you become a bird owner

For people that are not interested in owning pets like dogs and cats, they can be a bird owner. It will be a great experience once you have a pet bird. Most people don’t know what kind of joy a bird can have in its life. When you’re having doubts about getting a bird pet you can visit https://talkieparrot.com. These lists might help you in deciding to have one.

It is a low-maintenance pet

When you compare it to dogs that need to be walked outside and cats that are roaming inside your house. Once you pet a bird you can keep it in a cage. This means that you can work or do your chores peacefully knowing that your bird is inside the cage and not making any mess in your house. The great advantage of having a bird pet is fewer visits to the grooming salon. Birds are naturally clean animals that make their coats shiny by preening.
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Bird’s food is affordable

Buying food for your pet dogs and cats is quite expensive compared to birds. You can buy a bird’s food ranging from $8 to $15 and it can last in around four to five months. You can really save when you pet a bird. As you can change their diet by giving them carrots, lettuce, kale, and any food that you can buy in your grocery store.


Easy to take care of

The cost of a small bird is about $295 that has an annual cost of $185. A small bird’s lifespan is in the range of 15 to 18 years which can be affordable and long-term compared to other pets. When you talk about small birds these are the Parakeets and Canaries. For medium birds such as lories and doves and large size birds like cockatoos and macaws. This will help you in knowing what size and kind of bird you want to have and how much it costs them.

They can live in small spaces

People think before they can take care of a pet is a space that they need to have once they are in the house. Especially when they have bigger pets and live in busy cities like New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and other places. You have to look for apartments or buildings that allow you to have fur friends such as dogs and cats inside. Next is to think about whether your apartment has enough space for your fur friends to move around without feeling uncomfortable. But when you have a pet bird it is easy for you to find a place as they can live in small spaces because they have a cage.

Birds are easy to train and are intelligent

Birds are born to be smart and they are fun to watch. Birds want to learn something new and it makes them fun to watch. But while you train them with tricks you need to give your daily interaction and consistent lessons. Once you are not giving them regular interaction and learning new things. They will be in emotional problems and make harmful behaviors. You also have to understand that not all birds can speak even though they have been given much attention.

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