5 occasions to surprise your partner with diamond jewellery

Who doesn’t like getting diamonds for gifts? More so if they’re given for a special occasion. But what occasions demand a diamond jewellery as gift without it seeming like you went overboard? Well, here’s the list. We have 5 special occasions when you can surprise your partner with a piece of diamond jewellery.

  1. Birthday

The first occasion that would’ve popped in your minds without us mentioning is birthday, right? And that’s the most common too.
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Every year we wonder what we can gift out partners that they’ll really like and every year it’s a hassle to look for gifts. Why not gift them a diamond jewellery for one birthday? It’s obviously the perfect occasion and a very special, not to mention expensive gift too. Buy your partner a beautiful diamond bracelet or a pendant and wrap it yourself to add that little touch of DIY.

  1. Anniversary

The next important occasion is anniversary. As a symbol of your love and togetherness, a piece of diamond is most apt as a gift. Your partner is definitely going to be expecting a gift for anniversary and usually we look for something that’s not just useful but also meaningful. What better than a diamond then? You could also take him/her out to the jewellery store and shop together for matching pieces of jewellery like rings or bracelets or cufflinks for him. There are many options for men as well.

  1. Proposal

It is practically impossible to imagine a proposal without a diamond ring. The society has over the years conditioned us into believing that the perfect proposal involves going down on one knee with a diamond studded ring while you pop the question. There are countless designs to choose from when it comes to engagement rings. Every year during the wedding season at the end of the year, jewellery brands and stores come up with new designs and trends and also have seasonal discounts. You could choose such a perfect time to buy a diamond ring for your partner when you decide to pop the question. You can find the most amazing engagement rings in hatton garden.

  1. Professional milestone

Want to appreciate your partner for their promotion in office, a new start-up or any other professional milestone in their life? Then you should definitely consider getting them some diamond jewellery to celebrate their success. Diamonds are a wonderful way to let your partner know how proud you are of them. And it also acts as an investment so that’s a plus too.
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  1. Any time you want to make them feel loved

Lastly, why do you even need an occasion? There is no ‘perfect’ time to make your partner feel loved and special. And gifting can be done anytime you’re in the mood for it. Buying diamonds is expensive, we know, but if you’re willing to spend anyway, then just the surprise will turn any normal moment into a special occasion.

Diamonds are looked at as an investment because of the insane amount of money spent on them. The rare stones sure come at a cost. So we suggest you always buy them from the most trusted stores and brands around such as the jewelers hatton garden to avoid frauds of any kinds.

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