6 Tips for Choosing the Best Orthopedic Shoes for Men

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It’s not just a coincidence–Men’s feet are bigger than women’s (most of the time).

A long, broad foot can provide a tremendous advantage for athletic activities. But if you don’t have the correct type of footwear, wide feet can also create back problems.

If you’re in the market for the best orthopedic shoes, then this article’s for you. We’ll help you find the right fit, from the start, so you can feel confident in your stride.

How can you find the best orthopedic shoes for men? Read on to find out.

  1. Trace Your Foot

Before you head out to the orthopedic shoe store, take a tracing of your foot. When you visit the shoe store and see a pair you’re interested in, place them on top of the drawing. If the pair of shoes are smaller than the tracing outline, don’t even bother trying them on.
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  1. Best Time to Visit the Orthopedic Shoe Store

Next, avoid shopping for shoes in the morning. Our feet naturally expand as we use them during the day.

If you live somewhere with hot weather, as things heat, your feet may also swell. By shopping for shoes in the afternoon, you’ll be able to find a pair that will fit your feet when they’re at their widest.

  1. Trying on Orthopedic Shoes for Men

Another pro tip for buying mens orthotic shoes, is to make sure you’re wearing the socks you usually wear when trying on shoes. Slim shoe liners provided at the store may be great for hygiene, but they don’t give you a natural fit. Instead, the sock style you wear most often is the one you should wear to the store.

the Best Orthopedic Shoes for Men

  1. Wiggle Room for Toes

After placing the shoes on, it’s time to stand in them and walk around. When buying orthopedic shoes for men, or any type of shoe, pay close attention to the toe area.
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The toe space gives your foot the room it needs to press forward as you walk. It would help if you had about a half-inch of space between your longest toe and the end of the shoe.

  1. Right Fit From the Start

Begin walking around the store, and notice how the shoes feel on your feet. Does the heel fit snugly, or is the shoe slipping off?

If the shoe is too tight, don’t try to convince yourself that you’ll break it in overtime. It would help if you focused on finding shoes that fit right from the very beginning; Don’t compromise.

  1. Examine the Sole

After finding a shoe that fits right and feels good, it’s time to check its sole. Turn the shoe over and notice how durable the sole is.

The best orthopedic shoes will use a lightweight sole, along with a slight rocker bottom. The unique design helps facilitate foot motion while also improving stability.

Love Your Stride

Buying orthopedic shoes for men takes time and patience. But the effort is well worth the investment. Instead of rushing out and buying the first name brand pair of shoes, hold out for the perfect fit. Make sure the shoe’s design and width will give you the support you need.

Since tracing your current shoes is a great starting point, make a tracing today. As you look at shoes to try on, avoid the ones that are smaller than the tracing.

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