A Complete Guide to Horse Show Software

In 1896, the very first U.S. horse show began as a one-day event in Devon, Pennsylvania. Imagine the humble beginnings: only ten entries for the largest class, a show ring on grass, and a small group of judges in a gazebo.

Today, horse shows have grown in number, in high-class amenities, and technology. No wonder then, equine management software helps users keep up with the changing needs of the industry.

In this discussion, we’ll consider some of the benefits of management software programs and how it helps a horse event.

The Price of Horse Show Software

Pricing for management software varies since users may have highly specific needs. Some software programs may use cloud-based bookkeeping solutions for basic industry practices.

A one-time fee of approximately $500 may cover all features for a small show. For higher-end systems, users might pay a standard monthly membership fee of $30 or as much as $2,000 per user for advanced systems.

Software for Handling Show Information

More complex software offers help with breeding, training, and boarding management. Managers can expect quick access to records, a stable management system, and event scheduling.

Remote HSS software brings management control to users anywhere in the world. You can work with multiple arenas, manage employees, and create databases for customers and service providers.

If the horse show is large in scale, managers can keep records on vet care and hoof care. In competitive racing, you can search and list records for registration class, nominations, and race results.

Advanced Horse Show Management Features

Advanced management software lets users integrate lab and digital imaging technology. Or, you can use the master software alongside other programs and apps.

With programs like Show Pro Software, there are secondary apps made for horse show judges, gatekeepers, and announcers.

One of our favorite features is tracking horse shows data online. Everyone involved in a horse’s life (from trainers to farriers, vets, and boarders) can log on and see the latest news.

Modern Solutions for Horse Management

Modern systems include more social media features, such as preparing highlights of the show for sharing. As you might expect, customizable software is a growing trend, since local needs may change.

With a multi-user system, simplicity is important.
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Managers want to avoid complicated setup and maintenance. Reducing the “learning curve” so that more employees can learn the system faster is also a priority.

Equine Competition Races On

With over seven million horses and one million horse owners in the United States, there is great potential for equine competition.

The horse show industry is still thriving and worth an estimated $122 billion.

But the show can’t go on without organization. Horse management software can help you with:

  • Bookkeeping
  • Scheduling events
  • Sharing show information
  • Keeping equine health records

Managing details of a show helps with equine health, friendly competition, and a profitable venture.

For more on horse show news, check out the rest of our blog page.

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