Best Safety Audit Software for the Money

Best Safety Audit Software for the Money

Assure is one of the best health & safety audit software money can buy out there today.  The software offers incomparable consistently and this makes it to stand several steps ahead of many other types of software in the same category. This software is reliable and will get the job done perfectly. Since inception to date, it has never been known to fail at all. The beauty of it is that the software is a auditable. So, you will be buying top quality when you buy this software.  If you are looking for software that will enable you to audit, check and inspect with complete confidence, there is no better software to consider than this one.  With the help of this special software, you will be able to ensure complete compliance with the health and safety management system existing in your organization. SHE EHS audit software will undoubtedly give you good value for money.

Check below to better understand the many features that make the software to stand out from many others out there.

SHE EHS audit software

Improve safety auditing performance

The major purpose of Assure is to help an organization improve its health and safety auditing performance. It is designed to help block all the loopholes that you may be experience in some other software in the same category. It can be challenging to successfully coordinate audit processes across multiple locations and teams. However, you can successfully get that done with the help of this software.  While it is true that audit process can be resource intensive, you can successfully handle the entire process without any of the tell-tale challenges if you deploy SHE EHS audit software.  This software helps to simplify things for organizations.  You can rely on it for designing dynamic templates with highly intelligent features to enable you tackle relevant questions posed.

Thanks to Assure, you will also be able to upload evidences very easily. The software will equally enable you to create actions for recommendations or non-conformities.

Outstanding features of Assure

Assure comes with series of features that you need to take note of. Some of the features are highlighted below:

  • The software is accessible on your mobile devices. It can be used directly on the mobile device to complete checklists, inspections and audits on the website
  • The software comes with an autosave feature. As a result, all the data you enter into it will be saved automatically. This way, you will not have to enter the information again.
  • You will only have to answers relevant questions as an auditor. This is made possible by the dynamic audit templates featured in the software.
  • If you want to attach documents and photographs for evidence, you can easily do that using the software.

In conclusion, Assure will undoubtedly give you good value for money.

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