Cutting Edge Tech: 5 Benefits of Laser Engraving

Engraving is used in many different industries from electronics to automotive and there are several methods used for engraving. Laser engraving is by far the best because of its many advantages over more traditional engraving methods.

We’ll examine these many benefits in detail and provide you with the information necessary to make an educated decision when choosing an engraving method. You’ll see lasers used almost everywhere from the scanners in grocery stores to reading DVDs in your home entertainment system.

Laser engraving uses a high powered laser to remove the material without the disadvantages of many other engraving methods.

1. Laser Engraving Is No-Contact

When using other engraving methods, it requires metal or other materials to have direct contact with the engraving material. You can engrave everything from metal to wood, but direct contact creates abrasion marks.

A laser is light and uses heat to remove the material rather than a physical object. This eliminates the abrasion marks. The only part of the material removed is the area of engraving. If you want to learn more about wood engraving, then go here.

2. Improve Ability for Depth Control

There are superficial engraving and then deeper depth engraving. Lasers provide ultimate control and therefore can work at various depths with good results.
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It can be difficult to do deeper engraving efficiently because of the difficulty of penetrating the various materials.

The abrasion marks commonly associated with physical contact engraving become worse the deeper into the materials you go.

3. Used with Multiple Materials

For companies that engrave various types of materials including several types of metal, wood, plastic, ceramic, etc. Lasers provide an efficient option. Lasers work with several types of materials with great results. The same cannot be said of other types of engraving.

There is no need for multiple types of engraving machines since lasers can handle many of them. This provides cost efficiency not only in purchasing the machines but also in production costs.

4. High Degree of Control

Laser engraving when coupled with computer programs for design and implementation create the most precise images, lettering, etc. Lasers provide such a high degree of control with no abrasion that the engravings look perfect every time.

Since only the engraved area is removed, you don’t have to worry about any imagery being deformed by the process. This saves you money throughout the production process.

5. Cost-Effective Maintenance

Many traditional methods have multiple moving parts that develop wear and tear over time. This leads to increased maintenance and upkeep costs not associated with lasers.

Lasers don’t use moving parts and instead use focused light. There are much fewer maintenance costs. Some lasers can also do marking, making it super-efficient for companies.

Choose Laser Engraving for Your Business

Laser engraving is taking the industry by storm. The advantages of traditional engraving systems are obvious. The quality and efficiency of laser systems cannot be matched.

It’s why more businesses choose laser engraving over the many other methods. If you want to learn more about laser engraving and its many uses, then please explore our site.

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