How to find out if your computer is being monitored?

Thinking that someone is monitoring your computer can be quite a scary feeling. However, it can be all the scarier when you are not even aware that your system is being monitored. But the problem is that this can happen, and if you do not block it, then there are chances that your system will be hacked.
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If they can successfully hack your computer, then they might get access to your personal and financial details. Many hackers know how to spy on someones computer.

If you are interested to know about the different methods that will help you find out if your computer is being hacked, then you can go through the points mentioned below:

  1. Make sure that you use the anti-spyware software

One of the best ways to prevent your computer from being hacked is by installing anti-spyware software. They detect everything, starting from the detection of the open network ports to the webcam monitoring. They detect these things and also block them to prevent your system from getting infected.

  1. Check out the active internet connections that are there

Another way to help you find out if someone is monitoring your computer is to check out all the active internet connections. All that you will have to do is find out the program connected to a remote address. The best thing to do here is first to shut down the computer. Then you need to check out with the help of the remote port to find out if you find something out of place.

  1. Check to find out if there are any open ports

The computer is connected to the internet with the help of the network ports. But there is a possibility that you might come across a lot of open ports. But the problem that might happen is that if there are too many open ports, someone might take advantage of these open ports and communicate with your computers. They can thus send and receive the virus and other images to your computer.

  1. Review all the programs that have been installed

The most common way of a computer being remotely monitored is with the help of malware. You might have installed a program to use it, or you might have installed a program as a part of the bundleware that you are also not aware of. You should check them out. If you find that certain apps or software you do not use or do not recognize, it is an excellent option to uninstall them.
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  1. Check the wi-fi security

You need to know that all the wi-fi networks are not secured and do not have passwords like the public hotspots. If you have a wi-fi connection that you are using for your laptop or computer, then make sure that you check and find out if it is a secured network. If your wi-fi does not need a password, that does not mean that it is unsecured. However, it clearly shows that an outsider will be able to access the computer more easily.

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