Some tips to reduce the risk of cyber attacks

Cybersecurity is considered very important in the present digital atmosphere. Companies are prone to cyber threats from various sources. It is therefore essential that they are aware of the possible attacks and keep themselves prepared to handle them.

Various IT and internet security companies come to the rescue through their services. The following are some ways to be adopted that can reduce the risk of cyberattacks.

  • Care while you download:

You may need to download many files in your business. Downloading the files without verifying the authenticity of the source may render you vulnerable to various cyber threats. It is therefore important to verify the sources and avoid unknown sources from which you get emails.

This preventive mechanism should be imparted to the employees as well. This will help prevent clicking on unknown links and downloads.

  • Tighten the security system:

Use maximum security controls in your company and thereby prevent compromise of data. Various checks should be implemented at different stages so that there are no loopholes. You can use the lowest privilege settings and turn off services that are not needed.
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Use the services of a good IT support services company like 911it to implement tighter controls in your organization.

  • Data transfer:

As a part of work, data is transferred from one person to another in a company. This is almost unavoidable as different people perform different parts of a job and information need to be exchanged. Also, people are placed in different locations too. During this process, hackers may get access to your data.

You have to work out ways with an IT support provider on how data transfer can be reduced if possible.  Also, they can help you with solutions to make your devices and data transfer secure.

  • Password management:

Password policies should be implemented in the organization. The password used on the server and the admin Pc should be different to avoid any risks. Make people of the organization aware of the policy to be followed while choosing a password. Hackers can easily guess the passwords and can track down all important data when similar or weak passwords are used. Discuss with your IT service provider on ways to accomplish this.

  • Encrypting data:

The best way to prevent hackers from reaching your secure data is to encrypt all available data. The data is stored on servers and databases. Encryption is a method by which data is coded and can be accessed only with the correct encryption code. This code is out of reach of the hackers and even if they have your data they cannot decipher it. This data is called ciphertext and only authorized personnel can use it. There are two main types of encryption –symmetric and asymmetric encryption.

  • Cyber insurance policy:

A cyber insurance policy can protect you from data compromise. This is an insurance policy that helps organizations in case of any hacking attacks. It covers all the liability of an organization in case a serious data breach occurs and client information is leaked. It reimburses the company for expenses related to legal recourse taken for handling the breach.

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