What is a Lumin Cleaner Machine? How to use it?

What is a Lumin Cleaner Machine? How to use it?

Imagine a situation where you are told that there is a gadget to clean your CPAP machine quicker and easier, and allows you to abandon harsh and strong chemicals left behind. Sounds magical, isn’t it?

Enter the Lumin CPAP Cleaning Machine for Masks and Accessories by 3B Medical, which utilizes a UV light to disinfect your masks, accessories, and water chamber and kill 99% of microbes, microorganisms, and parasites in just five minutes!

Instructions to Use the Lumin 

The Lumin CPAP Cleaning machine is easy to use and it won’t just restrict you to only sanitizing your accessories and equipment. You can sanitize any object or non-living thing that can fit into this UV chamber of Lumin such as toothbrushes, car keys, and many more.

It is very easy to use as well, you just have to pull the lumin tray, place the item inside and close the tray. Then press the power button and let light ( UV light) on the go for work! This works on a five minutes cycle and will give a beep sound to indicate the process ending. Now the items are safe and disinfected which means they can be removed and used immediately.

CPAP Cleaning machine


The Lumin works by producing high energy of light inside a chamber alluded to as UV-C. The Lumin always depends on a low-pressure, mercury-bend germicidal light that is intended to create the most noteworthy measures of UV light – where 90% of the energy produced is around 254 nm. This energy range is extremely near the pinnacle of the germicidal viability bend which is 265 nm, the most deadly wave of microorganisms. The part of UV-C produced in one cycle is almost equal to the execution of most microscopic organisms and forms on a surface.
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2. Wellbeing 

The ozone FREE cleaning cycle requires no water or destructive synthetics. Settles on Lumin the most secure and simplest decision for CPAP cover cleaning.

3. Unwavering quality 

UV light will clean up to 99% of harmful microbes, microorganisms, and parasites that can cause contamination and sickness. UV light is likewise the most secure sanitization choice available in the market today, there are no harmful synthetics and glasses.


Using a UV-C causes no harm to the ecosystem, leaving no buildup or poisonous gases or synthetics. UV-C systems as of now are being used to disinfect ambulances, crisis administration vehicles, and other important regions or areas effectively.


Lumin makes cleaning CPAP cover and embellishments reasonable with its moderate price. A sound CPAP experience ought to be reasonable for everybody.

In case you’re keen on a wreck-free, fast arrangement, the Lumin might be exactly the thing you’re searching for!
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