What Is Software-Defined Networking?

Managing your IT obligations is one of your most important responsibilities as a business owner. Implementing software-defined networking (SDN) is something that can increase your performance and security.

However, not everybody understands everything they should about it.

So, what is software-defined networking? Let’s explore everything that you should know.

What Is Software-Defined Networking?

Software-defined networking is an alternative approach to networking. It makes use of application programming interfaces (APIs) or software-based controllers.

These can direct traffic within a network and communicate with the hardware infrastructure.

In traditional networks, dedicated hardware devices are used to direct the flow of network traffic. Software-defined networking is able to utilize the software for this purpose.

As you might assume, this provides a much greater amount of flexibility and control.

How Does It Work?

There are three primary segments of software-defined networking. Due to their nature, it’s also not required for them to be located within the same location.

These include:

  • Applications – These manage resource requests from the network.
  • Networking devices – These manage information sent from the controller.
  • Controllers – These handle information received by applications and then route data appropriately.

These components allow you to sufficiently manage the network. You can think of these segments as traffic directors.

This will help ensure that the flow of information remains consistent.

It may seem difficult to implement software-defined networking. However, working with a professional can help streamline this process.

You can visit this resource to learn more about SDN management and how you can get started.

What Are Its Benefits?

One of the primary benefits of software-defined networking is its overall speed. Due to its architecture, it’s able to transport workloads throughout a network.

This also occurs at a rapid pace.

This is achieved by segmenting a network into different sections. You can then use dedicated servers for different purposes. Not only can you improve your overall efficiency, but you can also save money.

A common practice involves shifting network loads to public cloud infrastructure. Of course, it is also relatively easy to scale.

Through the use of virtual machines, you can quickly increase the total size of your network.

Perhaps the most notable benefit, though, is its adaptability. As technology advances, it’s fairly common for certain practices to become outdated.

The level of flexibility that software-defined networking provides allows you to accommodate changes. This will help ensure that your business never experiences prolonged interruptions.

Software-Defined Networking Comes With Plenty of Benefits

It’s in the best interest of your company to keep the above guidelines in mind. The answer to “what is software-defined networking” will help ensure that you make the ideal decision for your company.

You may then find that you catapult your business performance to new heights.

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