Best Family-Friendly Destinations in Cabo San Lucas? 

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico is known for its wild parties and heaven for bachelors, But this does not mean it does not have anything in store for the families. It has a fair share of historical landmarks, activities that will engage kids and also perfect for romantic getaways. Make reservations with Spirit airlines reservations and fly hassle-free.

The Playa Del Amor beach in the north and the Southern Playa Del Divorcio beach

These beaches are known for being top sights for tourists and also you should reach the scene early before anyone is up to enjoy these beautiful beaches. You can also find two sides of the bodies here, Known as the lover’s land and the marriage fallout or breakup, you would know these two lands as the tidal waves in one are smooth and nice and the other is dangerous for swimming, like a breakup. The sea Cortez is usually calm on the lover’s side and can be visited and people can also jump in the waters, but on the breakup land, it gets tougher to stay and also should not be visited if you are traveling with kids.
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There are proper boards and signs to take precautions if you do visit these islands.

You can Stroll through Marina Cabo San Lucas

You cannot complete this trip without strolling around the Marina, finding local cuisines, and overlooking the bay. You will find many great yachts, sights, and also aquatic adventures you should engage yourself in.

You should definitely sign yourself up for Aquatic adventures.
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Take some time off for deep fish diving, you can also have a private tour option where you can collect seafood on your own. There are many sights where people offer fish finding programs and you should not miss out on these even if you are not a big fish lover, it’s one of the most popular pastimes in Mexico and I’m sure you will find some peace if you deep-sea dived among these creatures.

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Whale Watching is a must if you are traveling with kids

The months between October to March, are when the tourism is booming and also when the rates are a little high for the obvious reasons, Whale comes around the corner and you can witness these magnificent beasts from the Marina. YOu can tick this off from your bucket list, you will also find that the weather during this time is also ideal and usually people come here for destination weddings. Cabo San Lucas is famous for whale watching and if you are planning to travel with kids, it cannot be missed out as it ones in a lifetime opportunity to see a whale up so close because of the lagoons.

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