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If you are a young person, you may not like old films and you may be looking for some of the best new HD movies online that are centered on bachelors. A lot of young people want to watch stories that are centered on young adults who are rebelling against societal norms. One such type of film is OreyBujjiga because it is about two youths who rebelled against the decision of their parents. So without further ado let’s get to know more about this film. 

OreyBujjiga is a Telugu romantic comedy that was directed by K. K. Radhamohan and the film was written and directed by Vijay Kumar Konda. The film features actors like Raj Tarun as Srinivas alias ‘Bujji’ and Malavika Nair has Krishnaveni alias ‘Swathi’ in the leading roles. There were many other supporting characters that were played by actors like Hebah Patel as Srujana, Posani Krishna Murali as Koteswara Rao, Vani Viswanath as Chamundeshwari, Krishnaveni’s mother, Naresh as Krishnaveni’s father, Raja Ravindra as Krishnaveni’s uncle, Anish Kuruvilla as Project Manager, Saptagiri as Saptagiri, and Annapoorna as Krishnaveni’s grandmother.

If you love to watch rom-com new HD movies online that are not very complicated and can provide you with a good laugh, then you should go forward with OreyBujjiga. This movie has a lot to offer if you love to watch romantic light hearted films. The films starts in the Nidadavolu town of West Godavari district. Bujji and Krishnaveni start planning to run away from their homes because their parents have decided for their marriage. Both of them are very against arranged marriages and they want to feel love towards their partners when they are getting married.

They flee to Hyderabad where they can be safe from arranged marriages.
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However, when they escape from the situation, the entire town suspects that Bujji and Krishnaveni have eloped together in order to avoid their marriage with different people. When Krishnaveni reaches Hyderabad and learns about what the entire town thinks about her and Bujji, she gets infuriated and starts hating this man named Bujji.

However, fate takes a different turn for Krishnaveni and Bujji when they meet in Hyderabad. Bujji introduces himself as Seenu and he falls head-over-heels in love with Krishnaveni from the moment their eyes lock. Krishnaveni also starts feeling a sense of attraction towards this guy whom she knows as Seenu. Whenever she is facing any issues, it is always Bujji from whom the independent Krishnaveni feels comfortable in asking for help. Unknown to her, Krishnavenirealises that she has a longing for Seenu. However, Bujji also comes to the knowledge that the girl Krishnaveni with whom he has fallen in love is the Krishnaveni with whom he had been involved in an elopement rumour. This is when the entire story starts becoming more intense and you can watch this film to see how Bujji settles the matters with his love.

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